Forbidden Werewolf

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - A death Revealed

Submitted: April 15, 2012

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Submitted: April 15, 2012



After I marked Terra we sat there for a couple of minutes she told me about things that had been going on while I had been asleep.

Nothing much had really changed except that everyone wanted to see me use my flames or transform or something to prove that what they had been told was not a lie.

While Terra was telling me all this I could hear noises in the hallway getting closer. I turned to Terra,

 "Our families are walking down the hall in this direction."

Terra nodded,

"We should keep what happened a secret until we are sure they will accept it.”

I nodded,


When our parents finally reached the door they knocked and quietly walked in. They didn't expect me to be awake. But when they saw me sitting up smiles appeared on their faces.

My mother ran to my side and hugged me so tight I thought she was trying to suffocate me. My father just nodded at me. My brothers were too busy eating but they smiled at me, and Sora was nowhere to be seen.

I looked at my mother,

"Ma where is Sora?"

My mother frowned,

"Alex.......Sora dead. She was attacked by a group of wild boars at the same time that you were fighting the giant bear. No one sensed the attack because the amount of power surrounding you was so powerful it messed with everyone's ensues. The Alpha only realized what was going on when you past out and your power readings dropped."

 I couldn't speak, my sister was dead because of me and I didn't even realize she was in danger when it happened.

‘It is not your fault Alex. There was nothing you could have done. If you had tried to save your sister then terra would have died instead. Do not be sad, do not so weakness.'

I slowly started climbing out of the bed. My mother stepped in front of me.

"Alex you’re still too weak to walk around on you...."

My mother’s words were cut short. Black fire erupted from my hands and swam in the air around my body keeping everybody back.

I climbed the rest of the way out of the bed and walked towards the window. Terra moved closer to me,

“Alex what are you going to do?”

I opened the window, and just as everyone realized what I was going to do I jumped out the window and fell 5 stories to the ground.

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