Spirit Dragon Trilogy (Spirit Revolution Revealed)

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The second book of Spirit Dragon Trilogy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Spirit revealed

Submitted: April 19, 2012

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Submitted: April 19, 2012



,“Alex behind you!”

I spun around, my sword flying. My blade met armor; cut threw steel, ripped through skin, and broke through bone. I cut down the three men that surrounded me, and then went after the two by Raven.

The men glared at me with eyes full of hatred.

“Why don’t you just die already?”

“Leave us alone! We didn’t want any trouble. Why did you attack us?”

An evil smile crept onto the man’s face,

“You know why. We want what’s hidden inside of you. We want the Spirit of the Dragon. MEN SHOW YOURSELVES!”

The magic used to create the trees surrounding us faded revealing an army of haggard men.

I back-up closer to Raven,

“Stay close.”

Raven moved even closer to me as the men advanced,

“Alex what are we going to do? We are both tired and your wounds are opening again. You can’t take them all on by yourself. We need to get away.”

I looked over my shoulder at Raven,

“How far do you think we would get before we would have to fight them anyway? There’s no point in running, we don’t need to, and we will win Raven.”

I turned back towards the man,

“You want my Spirit Beast? So be it, I’ll let you meet him.”

I moved towards the man, as black markings appeared on my arm. They burned like black fire as they danced across my skin revealing the mark of the Spirit of the Dragon written in the long forgotten language of the Dragons.

The man grinned,

“The Fire of the Spirit Dragon. Amazing, it’s as black as night. Show me the Beast; I shall claim it as my own.”

I smiled,

“As you wish.”

Black flames shot from the palm of my right hand into the sky. The clouds darkened, the air became cold as all heat in the air was consumed by the black clouds.

I raised my hand towards the sky,


The black clouds shot towards the ground, heat filled the air, a dark mass stood in the center of the clouds.

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