Survive If You Can

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After witnessing the brutal murder of their mother's death at the hands of a Stier, a human-like demon, Jared and Justin are just trying to survive. They have been trapped within this house for fifteen years. The house, itself, is alive, allowing no one to be in the same room twice. They don't know how they ended up in there, but they do know that the house is not going to let them out. To shape matters worse, Cassie, a girl they had rescued when they were younger, was taken by a Stier. It was not an ordinary blood lust taking. There was intent behind her capture. Why are they here? Can they ever escape? What does the house's master want with Cassie? They don't know answers, but they are about to find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Need You to Survive

Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



*Jared's POV*

Slipping between the walls like a ghost, I inhaled deeply in an attempt to calm my frantic heartbeats. I knew it was futile to try, but I couldn't find the power to give up and let this hell hole kill me. I would have given up trying to escape long ago, but my brother became relentless in keeping me alive after our parents were murdered. I, since then, managed to pick up his will to survive myself. I even started dreaming of getting 'outside' again. The thing is, I have been in this ever-changing house for so long that I have forgotten what 'outside' was like, but I'm pretty sure my dreams are right. I don't remember much, but I think I sometimes had dreams from when before we became trapped here.

The sound of nails scratching along the wall dragged me mercilessly back into reality. I slipped further into the safety of darkness, praying furiously as my back hit the end. I wasn't exactly scared, though I won't deny that fact. This thing, this monster, had killed my mother in front of my eyes. I may have only been 3 years old at the time, but I remembered what that bastard did. I had watched from the hidden space my mother had stuffed my older brother and I as that hell spawn, already splattered with my father's blood, ripped my mother apart limb by limb. He laughed the whole time while he demanded where she had hidden us. My mother screamed and cried, but whenever he mentioned us, she glared into his eyes and told him that disgusting vermin should go back to Hell. He finally ended her life by caving in her skull with a chuckle. Blinking back the stinging in my eyes, I tightened my grip on the hilt of my sword. I wasn't exactly scared. No, I was beyond furious. My parents had sacrificed themselves to save my brother and I. This demon was long past it's expiration date.

I waited impatiently, my heart pounding in my ears. This bastard will die today! I mentally screamed. The scratching got closer to the opening. I took a half a step, then paused. It was so soft, but I heard the quiet whisper of a door sliding across carpet. This unlucky bastard better not ruin my chance, I growled silently. Taking a step, I gave a start when a hand suddenly clamped over my mouth. The other hand had wrapped itself around my waist, locking my arms between him and his body. He dragged me back towards what I assumed was the now open door. I tried to pull my sword out, but the asshole had my arms effectively pinned to my sides. The door clicked shut. A second later, my face slammed into the carpeted floor.

I rolled to my feet and unsheathed my sword in one fluid movement. "Put that away, man." My brother growled at me. His fists shook as he visibly tried to compose himself. Realizing that I was in no immediate danger, anger welled up inside my chest.

"What the hell Justin! Why did you drag me away?" I yelled, slamming my sword back into the sheathe. "I was so close! He was right there!" I breathed heavily as I glared back at my brother. It wasn't until I hit the wall that I realized he had slugged me in the jaw. I spat the blood out. Luckliy, I was too agitated to feel the pain that had followed the solid punch. Damn it, I'm going to have an ugly bruise real soon.

"You're right. You were close; close to getting your stupid ass killed! Jared, you can't just go attacking a Stier by yourself! I can't lo- I've made a promise. No matter what, you have to survive. I need to keep you alive." Justin slid down the wall dropping his head into his hands. "Just promise to not sneak off again. I was lucky to have that door lead to your room. I can't always be that lucky in getting back to you, so please stay with me." He tilted his head to peek at me through his choppy, dark hair.

I rubbed my jaw as I dropped down next to him. "Fine," I sighed, "but, eventually, we're going to kill that son of a bitch. He needs to pay."

Justin gave a tired chuckle, "I agree. However,  you, definitely, are not running off by yourself to do it." He got to his feet and kicked me lightly on the foot. "Well, there's no point in staying in this empty room." He walked over to the wooded door and paused, wating for me to follow.

"Time to see what's behind this door," I sighed. "Do you think we might find her?" I hope so, it's been two weeks since they took her. If it was just a Stier behind it, she would have long been dead. This, however, wasn't a random snatched, they specifically sought her out. I don't know why or who would want her, but I am going to find out. Ready for any surprises, we stepped through the door. The familiar tingling sensation ran through my body so fast, it made you wonder if you actually felt it. We were now in a completely new room.

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