He will change my life forever......

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - He was here!!!

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



As we walked to our lockers which were right next to each other, same as last year, we talked about the day before and the guy from the park. James kept sending me suggestive looks which I just ignored and Jane kept looking between us with a confused look on her face that made her look so innocent.

I was skilfully ignoring another of James’ looks when I crashed into someone’s back and bounced off into James’ arms, catching him off guard. Thank god for his fast reflexes though or I would be on the floor and that would’ve been embarrassing.

“Oh hobbits! I am so sorry I didn’t mean that I wasn’t looking where I was going” I apologized looking at the ground embarrassedly. I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up out of embarrassment.

“No its ok I shouldn’t have been standing in the middle or the corridor. Are you ok?” came the deep reply of the guy I had slammed into. I looked up from the floor and came face to face with the guy’s chin. Oh he is tall maybe 6’2. I am 5’7 so that explains why I reach his chin. My gaze climbed further up his face taking in the details from the dark shadow of stubble on his chin to the blonde surfer hair on top of his head. His eyes were and amazing teal colour. The clearing of a throat brought me back to the real world and the guy was looking at me intently and questioningly.

“Hi, I’m Hunter Williams. You are?” he introduced and then stood there waiting for an answer.

“M…Molly Matthews and this is Jane Madison and James McCaffrey.” I stuttered back quietly looking anywhere but his eyes or chest. He was wearing beige chinos and a fitted black v-neck under his leather jacket his chest was well defined under the black fabric and the distinct shape of his six-pack could be seen.

“Nice to meet you guys” he said with a smile spread across his face. It suited him well.

“Yeah you too,” they replies in unison. James stretched his hand past my head and extended his hand towards Paxton.

“Hey man, are you new? I’m James as you already know but my friends call me Mac thanks to the surname. You into any sports?” he said bombarding the poor guy with questions trying to see what he was up to by intimidation. Hunter didn’t seem to be intimidated at all and I turned to see a friendly smile replace the sneer on James’ face telling me he approved of the guy. Hunter cleared his throat and began to answer James’ questions confidently.

“Yeah I’m new. Just moved here with my family. I have 7 brothers and 3 sisters so I definitely am into sports.” He replied with a cheeky glint in his eyes. I just stared in shock.

“Did you say 7 brothers and 3 sisters? Wow that’s a big family you have” he replied sounding shocked because James is an only child and he hasn’t met anyone with such a vast family before that he knows of.

“Yeah you will probably meet them today except my two little brothers and my little sister they are 11, 9 and 2. But the others are here. The guys are all sporty and will be at try-outs at lunch.”

“What about your sisters?” I asked bravely

“Oh they will be at cheerleading try-outs. They are pretty athletic too” He replied while turning to look at me with a warm smile on his face. He had a dimple on his left cheek and I awwww’ed silently to myself.

Suddenly I saw someone running up behind Hunter. Ready to pounce onto his back.

“LOOK OUT!” I shouted and Hunter suddenly spun around and dodged the guy running towards him but the before he could stop himself the attractive stranger ran into me but he spun us around in mid-air so that he landed on the hard marble tiles that spread across the whole corridor. I could feel the solid planes of his chest beneath me and the warmth that was emitted from his skin made me feel safe and secure. His lean arms were wrapped around my waist and they felt like they belonged there. Amethyst, two bright shining amethyst orbs were all I saw when I looked down. They were looking right back at me. Black hair was styled on top of his head. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed. There was a slight kink in his nose, a sign that had been broke a few too many times that it would never be completely straight again. His lips were a light pink that was well contrasting to the light tan colour of his skin. While I was staring at his lips I realised that they were moving then I heard a mumbling and I retreated back to my sane mind and realised this guy was apologising to me but I was still on top of him on the corridor floor.

“I am so sorry” I whispered as I attempted to stand up but his arms were still locked around me.

“Don’t worry it was my fault. My name is William Williams. What’s yours?”…


world book day people sorry it is short im having a bit of writers block.

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