The Six Last Letters

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Zeurej Xyvwus or Zee as known by everybody was just an average kid by then. Until he discovers the world that he came from. The world he didn't know existed. The world he once known and now is to be protected. The world of Unirtha.

Being one of the six kids who have been chosen to protect the Universe, Zeurej is equipped with extra-ordinary powers and is yet to be unleashed after he meets 5 other heroes from all over the world.

Putting a stop to the seventh god's plans of taking over the universe. Zeurej and his friend will face the challenge of sacrifices and discoveries they once didn't know. The quest of finding 20 other warriors who have been lost for over eons ago. The adventure of a lifetime begins.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013




Once upon an eon, there lived seven warriors from seven different planets. They were sent by the gods to protect the universe. Having such different but amazing talents, the warriors – when united were as invincible as the gods, themselves. They fight against evil and stop every intruder who stands against the light that perfected the peace in the universe.

But there was one god who liked to own the universe by himself. He was the seventh god. The last god who had such desire of considering the worlds into his hands. The other gods didn’t know about this and so it put the universe at stake. The six warriors of the six gods have been brave and clever enough figuring out the plot against the universe called upon the powers of the 9 worlds and summoned every warrior that existed.

It was them. The 26 faithful warriors of Unirtha. The warriors that put a stop to that god of betrayal and evil. The god of selfishness and greed. The god –

“More like Mr. Fischer!” Baylee laughed.

“Don’t interrupt the story!” little Danna shushed. Everyone was disappointed.

“Now, now guys. Settle down. We’ll continue the story next time, okay?”

“Awwwe!” The kids didn’t look so happy.

“Come on, Zee. You were almost at the best part.” five year old Leon complained.

I was almost late on my next appointment and so I had to leave the kids and save the story for next time.

Anyways, Zeurej’s the name and I’m from Conway, New Hampshire. I like to tell made up stories. Take for example, the 26 warriors of Unirtha. Call me an author. I mean, the story teller. I don’t really write much. I tried once but I was too lazy to finish, so –

Just to give you a short introduction, my name is Zeurej. Zeurej Xyvwus. Forgive me for having a very complicated name but it’s pronounced as “zoo-ray psyv-wus”. The “psy” thing was the most homonymous for “xy” and so I thought.

I’m 16 years old. Yes, and I live with my grandma for as long as I can remember. Imagine me having black fixed hair wearing a knitted beanie, most of the time; pale white skin and an average skinny body with an average sense of fashion. My eyes stood out differently. I have ocean blue eyes and when I say ocean, you can really see the beauty of the pacific seas on a single stare at it.

Well, I like to read and draw, that’s what feeds most of my imagination. Self expression from drawing and playing instruments. Yes, I can play instruments. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but no one actually appreciates it. I excel most of my time in strings, especially guitars. I love music more than anything else. It makes the world more colorful than it already is. And I collect comic books, too. Specifically, the Heroes of Unirtha. I’ve had them since they first released the first volume. Man, I can tell it out at your face. This is some dope comic book. I was born for this. I just know it.

And talking about social interaction, I am somewhat anonymous in school and have a few friends, actually, just a friend. He’s name’s Zac. Zac Mercauto. He’s such a great friend but sometimes, we are just so opposite, we don’t get along each other very well, in some things.

I have a blog and I’m well known as Jereuz. Clever, isn’t it? Jereuz? You know, I just reversed the spelling of my name. Yes, it’s not really clever but pathetic.

Anyways, the reason why I am telling you this is that I can’t keep a secret. This secret. That something happened to me. Something I could not explain. I thought it was just a figment of my imagination. Apparitions from my dreams. But no. Reality can be really funny but deadly.

Remember that story I told the kids? It was just a head start. I never really knew, there were such things as warriors or gods or evil villains existed.

What I know now is,


© Copyright 2017 Zeurej Xyvwus. All rights reserved.


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