Night Fire

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This is a story about a young SEAL. One day he gets set on a team to look at a mysterious crater and his team is ambushed while their examining it. They discover that the Earth will be under attack soon. How will the miltary of the Earth fare against an even greater enermy?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Night Fire

Submitted: April 01, 2008

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Submitted: April 01, 2008



Night Fire

Chapter One


Tuesday the 23rd of June 2012

The media was going crazy, just a few days ago an unusual object had come from space and landed in the Great Basin Desert creating a mini-sized crater. A person who reported it had said he’d never seen anything like it. A group of scientists had gone to examine the object. There had set off with all sorts of advanced equipment and had set off three days after it had been reported. People had waited eagerly to see what it was. Problem was the team of scientists never returned….

Seven days later there had been skeletons and half eaten science equipment found about a kilometre from the object’s site. No one had lived to see what had happened.

USA Great Basin Desert

1200 hours 3th July 2012

Michael Mills slowly trudged through the Great Basin Desert with his fellow SEAL’s. Michael was tall and fit, he stood at six-one and twenty-four years age call sign: Sonic. His brown hair was short and he had sky-blue eyes. He carried a MP-5SDas his primary weapon. He had a holster for a SIG P226R, he was wearing combat gear with a combat helmet which sported a throat mike, night-vision goggles plus all the usual stuff.

He was part of a small SEAL task force (of twenty people) which was investigating the strange space junk. They were now on foot they’d been dropped by two CH-53E Super Stallions. Now they were on foot just a while away from the wreck. Their leader was man named Jim Ventura call sign: Python. He was short and stocky, he and Michael were good mates. He carried a bullpup and used a silenced Glock-18 as his secondary weapon. He was also decked out in combat gear and a full face helmet. They reached the wreck, it was a small crater about ten metres in diameter but deep seriously deep.

Michael stared down the crater curiously and then Python ordered “Okay we’ll get ten men down there to have a look,” soon ten men was about to go into the crater. They carried a range of weapons, MP5 SD’s and FN P-90’s and all wore combat gear and full-face helmets. Call Signs were Leopard, Snake, Butch, West, Hunter, Liberator, Decapitator, Ken, Shadow and Knight. The people lowered some scaling ladders into the crater and the soldiers descended. The soldiers above were kept well-informed as Leopard kept telling them what was happening through the throat mike.

Nothing so far Python said Leopard Night-Vision goggles on!

This is deeper then I thought said Knight But I think we’re nearing the bottom.

At the bottom Python said Leopard, Whoa! exclaimed Knight It’s like a mine, they’ve keep the sand from falling down on them with some metal pillars and panels. “What type of metal?” asked Python. I’ve never seen anything like it, its looks really heavy but it’s not gold and definitely not one of the more common metals responded Knight.

No sign of any life-form said Leopard, This is queer said Knight. Holy fuck!! cried Shadow. “What is it?” shouted Python, Shit! then was gunfire. “What the fuck is happening?!” screamed Python. West is down screamed someone, These fuck’in bastards don’t die!! “What’s going on down there?!” shouted Python. More gunfire was heard, Sonic was listening intently. He was worried sick, some of those soldiers were good friends of his. Shit, what the fuck are these things they just don’t die!! screamed Knight, there was aloud explosion sound. Someone had thrown a grenade.

Python had made his decision, he instructed five more SEALs to follow him. “C’mon,” said Python as they went down. Only four SEALs were left on the surface. Yes we nailed one of those bastards!! yelled somebody. Hunter and Liberator are down!! shouted Leopard Python we need back-up!!! Their coming!! Sonic shouted into his throat mike. “Leopard what the hell are those things?” asked Sonic. Not a good time mate replied Knight Sorry but these *more gunfire* things just don’t die, we don’t even know what they are!! “Give me a description,” shouted Sonic, there was a grunting noise then NO!!! KNIGHT!! screamed Leopard Fuck!! Knight is down!! Then there was another explosion sound. Sonic sighed Python had probably gotten there. Fuck!! screamed Python It fuck’in didn’t die from that grenade!! These things aren’t human someone shouted. Another slashing noise made Sonic wince, Snake is down shouted Python Die you motherfucker!!!! “Should we come?” Sonic asked. It took Python a long time to respond No!! Just stay there!! Leopard said We could use som…. He never finished his sentence, there was a horrible tearing sound and Decapitator screamed Leopard is fuck’in dead!! Okay retreat now!! shouted Python.

They’re catching up!! screamed Decapitator, Oh no!! said Python and Ken. Shadow screamed Python, Decapitator, Ken and another SEAL is gone!! That was the last think Shadow said there was another horrible ripping sound and there was silence. “Do you think we should go down?” asked another SEAL. Sonic looked at the crater “Take the ladder we need to tell somebody this.” “Yes,” said the SEAL. Sonic ran back to the one of the CH-53E Super Stallion. “What’s happening?” asked the pilot. Sonic glanced at the SEALs who were coming back. “Python and the others are dead,” said Sonic feeling a deep sense of loss. He went silent then said “They were attacked by some creatures or something…”

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