The Blood of a wolf

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This is about a teenage boy named ?kami meaning wolf. He can turn into a wolf only when the moon if full. he doesn't quite fit in because of the whole thing. the setting for this is old day Japan I hope you like this.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Blood of a wolf

Submitted: August 10, 2009

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Submitted: August 10, 2009



The stoy of the wolf

Chapter I The beinging of it

Prologue: ?kami is just your arvnge teen well was until one day he got the powers to turn into a wolf and now he has to save or at less try to save Janpan,But can he do it in time ?

?kami was just getting up form his sleember he sat up in his bad and looked around his room today was just another day of nothing to ?kami so get up out of bed and started his day but this day was going to be not like any other day he had after he was dressed and feed he left to go and look around town. So ?kami walked around like 5 minutes until he bump into and older lady he help her pick up her bags and said sorry to her and went on his way.

Little did know what was going on in Town today he just walked and got what he needed but on his way back he was stop by afortune teller she told him his fortune but he didn't belieave it at all because she said something about that he well go on an Adventunre and well save all Japan and well meet four people that well help him. ?kami left back to his house to get some sleep because he was tired form all that he did today so he took a nap,but woke in pain.

"What the hell?" He asked himself as he graded his side. "Why I am I in pain?" He though for couple of minutes the pain went away as fast it came and he fell black asleep but while he was sleeping evil was lurking about. Somewhere in an old temple someone was planing something evil he wanted to rebluild Japan but with evil motitves.

I'll leave it as that cliff hanger oh and if you got any ideas for me to use for this story leave a commet or email me at and thanks for reading my stroies you guys are epic.

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