The Bond of a Brother and Sister

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This story is about Zin and he brother Jak as twins and the grow up living with there uncle and aunt after there mother passes away after she gives birth to Zin. and there father dies in a war.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Bond of a Brother and Sister

Submitted: May 06, 2010

Reads: 254

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Submitted: May 06, 2010



Chapter I

In a land far away there lived a family. The Father was happy that he was going to be dad, but little did they know they where going to be visted by someone. The Mother was happy and sweet and loving,But on the night of the twins birth she died. She died as the girl was coming out the Father then raised them on his own and named the boy Jak and the girl Zin. Jak and Zin grow up close to each other other. Jak procted Zin as got them in to mistachive. like one day zin ran out to woods and Jak followed her. Zin hated being locked in the castle all day. "Hurry up jak." She said as she ran off deeper in the woods. Jak shiged and ran off after her. "Zin come on where way to far from home." He said as Zin came up to him hugged him then they walked home and to find there Father leaving. Zin was just about to say something but then he hugged him and told them he loved them and he was gone. They took a look at each other and then there Uncle told them to get inside. Witch Jak did without question but, zin was still watching there father leave. Their Uncle came bt Zin's side and seen she was crying alittle.

So seeing her like this he picked her up and carried her inside the castle. Jak look at her and hugged her as thre older brother Vinxent walked into the room. "Uncle where Father go to?" Vinxnet asked him. Jal looked at Vinxnet as walked to her room. Vinxnet looked at Jak "Jak what are you looking at?" Vinxnet said as his uncle looked at him. "He went to help out are aillys." Vinxnet out to his horse and rode off as Jak looks at his uncle and then went to fine Zin.

Zin was in her room crying. When her Father normaly leaves he says goodbye,but this time was diffrent. Jak walked over to her. "Zin its okay dad will be fine." He said as she looked at him,and whiped her eyes. Jak was always there for her when she needed him. They just then Aunt Marie Came into Zin's room and them hugged each other and she watched them. "Jak your the best brother ever." She said as she seen her Aunt. "Zin Jak its been a while." She then smiled at them as Jak let go of Zin. As there Aunt sat on the bed in the middle of them.

Zin got and walked to the window and seen Vinxent. "Aunt Marie who is that?" She asked her as Jak and her walked up to the window and "Thats your older brother Vinxnet." She said as they looked at him. "Jak lets follow him." Zin said as she left tyhe room and she followed her. "Zin why follow him?" Jak asked as Zin ran out the door and him and walking the horse around. Jak sighed knowing she was planing something to do to Vinxnet. She ran up to the horse abd pulled on the taiol and the whitch it made the flip-out and throw Vinxent off. Jak laughed as Zin was on the ground laughing at him. Vinxent got up and looked at them. Vinxent got back on the horse and rode it out of the castle. Jak walked over to Zin "Zin you had gotten hurt if the horse kick you." Zin looked at him.

"Yeah I know but I counldn't help it he deuvered it." Sh said as she got up and went into the granden and looked at the flowers. Jak walked back into the castle.She pick some red roses and some other flowers and then walked into the castle to show her Aunt and Uncle. "Pretty Zin." They said as they put them in a vase then she walked to the hall and danced. Zin loved to dance when she alone the only preson to ever see her dance was Jak. 

A few day pasted and they got used to being with thire Aunt and Uncle more like they didn't have a chocie. To they loved being with the family most of the time, but they like to just be alone most of the time. Daly Zin Jak where expression that only demon side so they haven't awken there demon side.


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