Kotoba Academy

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Im bad at summaries but I'll try:
Decades from now, another world is brewing, full of monsters and humans. The tell includes the demon boy by the name of Jintan Yadomi. He isn't just any demon... He's a prince. Prince of what? Read and find out.
NOTE: This story probably won't be continued. It may or it might.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kotoba Academy

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012




Decades from now, apart from Milky Way, the main galaxy for earth, among the other galaxies, the world that nobody ever knew, Aegis had appeared after a decade. Then a few centuries from that time, cities were formed, even people, actual people, and were living in that peaceful looking planet. Aegis is the type of planet, which had been formed by itself in the universe, sometimes it’s peaceful, and sometimes it goes into chaos. In Aegis, there was a nation called Aeolis Republica. It was a very huge nation created by Signo, the spirit who had created Aegis, but it had been split into two boundaries. The boundary on the right is the humans’ territories and the one of the left, is the monster’s territories. Yes, monsters and humans lived together in one world. Aegis had 60% of the humans and 40% there were the monsters. Though it wasn’t much of a big deal to the humans to see that there were monsters, it still bothered them and strayed away from the species. Nevertheless, most humans (and some kids) liked them because they were fun, and few humans hated them because there were gruesome and cruel. Even though the humans found them no harm, it was said by the government that the monsters must be extremely careful and to take caution when making contact with the humans, for most of the humans are willing to kill and vanquish them from the world.
The capital of Aeolis Republica is Leila. It was a large, modern metropolis where its scenery always looked so beautiful despite its hard times with the chaos and the disastrous events. Leila is like 50% America & 50% South Korea (and a hint of Japan) with all the markets and the routes and the majestic-looking buildings. There’s more to the part. Among the mountains that were always filled with grass that seems to grow greener every time you stare at it, up on the centre of the cliff, was a humongous cherry blossom tree that stood strong and firm despite being there for almost 300 years. Most people of Aegis called it the World Tree, while others just called it Ukiyo, which means “Life”. If you looked more closely, you can see that it had the magic barrier around it, to keep the cherry blossom petals fresh no matter the weather, and to keep peace and give life. 
But, of course, that’s not just it.
Kotoba Academy, one of the three main schools, which those also had been created by Signo, while the rest were created by the monsters and/or humans, was an academy for the monsters. Vampires, faeries, trolls, demons, angels, werewolves, and even mythical beings, attended at that school. But even if it’s an academy for monsters, few humans attended there as well. It’s an academy for magic/combat training for monsters, but besides that, it had classes, like normal high school classes, the classes which humans attend. So, It depends how they will manage in school and out of school. It would either turn into a world of peace, or turn into a world of chaos.

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