To Hell and Back.

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Vladimir Nightingale is a teenager on the verge of a mental breakdown. He and his mother live in a small apartment in Manhattan. But they're not alone. Living with them is Darrel, Vlad's abusive step-father and his mother's abusive husband. After a tragic accident destroyed his life three years ago, he has been trying to save his mother and himself ever since. But, his protection has now come to a halt because his mother wants to send him to a Ranch in North Dakoda.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - To Hell and Back.

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011



“No! I won't leave you behind with that MONSTER!” Vlad screamed in his nightmare. Vlad fell off his bed tangled in sheets and gasping for air. He could never leave his mother home with that ghoul. If he did, he might never see her again... Vlad jumped up slipping his SkullCandy shirt over his head and his black skinny jeans up his legs. Trying to think away from his nightmare, he grabbed his headphones and listened to his favorite song. He sang along to the beat off tune but, it calmed him either way. Once the song was done, he walked down the steps looking to see if the horrible human was there. Good, he wasn't. Vlad wouldn't know what to do ifhewas there. Vlad felt a shiver go down his back as he heard movement upstairs. He quickly ducked into the kitchen grabbing a glass of water.When he saw a shadow appear, he ducked out of vision. He couldn't bear another whack. His bruise on his arm from last night was still a deep purple. As he looked further up his arm, he had scars crawling up like a bug. He heard footsteps coming from his living room; he jumped and got ready to run out the door. But, when his mother came into view he sighed. He looked at her pale skin and shuttered. His mother was very skinny. She didn't look this bad awhile ago... she used to have flowing black hair and bronzed skin. She used to leap into his father's arms carefree. Not caring what would happen oh so quickly... His daydream was cut off by a loud thumping coming from the living room.

Then, a burly, bald headed, tall, fat man came into view. Vlad was disgusted. The man he called amonsterstood facing them.Vlad stood in front of his mom, protecting her. Then man shoved Vlad from his mother, Vlad let a growl escape his lips. The man turned around and stared at him with blood shot eyes. Vlad scooted back on his butt. Unfortunately he went back to far and hit his head on the counter making it bleed. Then man grabbed him by the collar of the shirt chocking Vlad until his mother screamed, “LET HIM GO DARREL!” Darrel turned around and yelled, “THEN GET ME A BEER!” Darrel dropped Vlad and went back upstairs Vlad got up off the ground, turned to his mom and said, “I'm not going to leave you with the likes ofhim.” Those words tasted like acid in Vlad's mouth. Vlad looked at his mom in anger at the fact she would make him go to some ranch in North Dakota for kids who need to get away from their home life. Vlad wasn't one for the outdoors. He spent his days in his room playing Kingdom Hearts 2 over and over again. Vlad's mother sighed and said in a hushed voice, “Vlad, sweetheart, please go,” Vlad looked at her with his green eyes focused on the circles under her eyes.

She looked at the ground and repeated herself. “Vlad, I'll be fine. I promise you that Darrel won't hurt me.” Vlad looked at her in disbelief. She wouldn't be fine. Vlad felt the tears falling from his eyes as he said, “You can't promise that, I'm not going.” Just as he had finished saying that, a loud booming voice came from upstairs,” WHERE’S MY BEER?!” Vlad felt a knot form in his stomach. Vlad looked at his mother grabbed a beer out of the beer filled fridge. He looked at her with pleading eyes. Then, he brought up a subject he had always brought up whenever Darrel had treated them badly. “Mom, why don't we leave this place? Leave and never come back!” His mom gave a small smiled and cupped her one free hand over his cheek and said, “I wish we could Vladimir. But, where would we go? We have no one in our family except Darrel.” Vlad felt his stomach do a flip as his own mother called the one they despised so muchfamily. Vlad looked at his mother in dismay and said only for them to hear, “That abnormality of a human isnotpart of our family. Their real family was of three. Vlad, his mother Autumn and his father, Demetri. Vlad had vague memories of his true family. But, one memory reminded him of them the most, it was the accident. It had been a late Friday afternoon when Vlad was 11 years old. They had been driving to Disney World and they were almost there. Vlad was so excited that he actually had put half his body out the window screaming in happiness. His mother had tried dot reach him to pull him back, but she couldn't reach. So, instead she yelled at Vlad to come back but he didn't listen. Probably because the wind was blowing in his ears. His father reached for him to try and pull him back. His father had torn his eyes away from the road for just a second when he pulled Vlad back into the car. Vlad could hear his younger self scream at his father, “DAD! LOOK OUT!” But, by the time his father looked, it was too late. An oncoming truck had slammed on the breaks and flip over right on top of the car. Luckily enough, Vlad father had pushed his son and wife out of the car before it had fallen. Vlad had looked back at his father’s car. Tears streamed down his face. He screamed, so did his mother.

Vlad shuddered at the nightmarish memory. He looked back at his mother and questioned, “W-Would d-dad have w-wanted me to go?” His mother gave him a warm smile and said, “Vlad, all your father wanted was for you to happy.” Truthfully, Vladdidwant to go to the ranch. But, he was scared for his mom. Vlad watched her climb the stairs and disappear into the upstairs floor. He sighed and sat down on the couch pondering to go. Before Vlad even had made a decision, Darrel came thumping down the stairs. Darrel stood infront of Vlad eyes full of disgust. He smacked Vlad across the face making him crash to the floor. Vlad now had a big red mark on his left cheek.

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