Il Palazzo ((The Mansion))

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Two little girls. Small innocent twins. They lived a life alone, with only their mum and them. In a cottage which lies far beyond the reach of any human being. This duo in Italy grow up together till everything changes. Till the world they know, the life they lived, the relationship they had disappears. Is it possible to survive in a world of hate? Will one crumble at the sign of change? Or thrive in the society which is now their own?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Il Palazzo ((The Mansion))

Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012




Twins. Two little baby girls, their hands small and delicate with their eyes big and confused. Marzia and Claire are their names, both of which were adopted in Italy not long ago. Now they live in a cottage, on a hill which no man can ever find. Each learns English, the language that is main to both. But Marzia alone is taught to speak Italian, the language that Claire can only barely understand. At the age of 10 they’re in the height of their lives, as the world is confusing to them. All they know is the cottage, their mum and the lush green fields and rocky cliffs that surround them.

“Claire Claire!” I yell to my sister which seems to have woken up before me “Claire! Where are you? You sneaky worm!” Mum says worm is a bad word, so I feel special letting the word roll off my tongue. Claire giggles and runs up behind me spilling red paint all down the back of my shirt. I scream as the thick liquid makes its way down my legs and drips onto the cream carpet. “Look what you’ve done!” I yell at her trying to wipe the paint off with my hands. She giggles and I look at my paint covered fingertips and work up a plan. I turn around and wave my fingertips in her face, getting red smudges all over her smooth cheeks. She then tackles me still holding the tub of paint so we both scrat in a ball with paint going absolutely everywhere. Mum then comes in roaring our names. “Claire! Marzia! What on earth do you think you’re doing? Claire you had the paint so clear this up immediately!”

“No mum I’ve got it” I say in Claire’s defence as I seem to be the bigger sister.

“Fine then you can BOTH get to work; I’ve got places to go”

Claire nudges me and mouths thanks in my direction. I smile in agreement although I’m always the one that has to do the work. Claire slopes off to go and play with the Lego pieces we got last year, and so I get out a hand cloth and some carpet stain remover and get to work. It takes almost two hours for all the red to be gone. But there still lays a faded pink that doesn’t seem to want to come off. I start to rage and so I get the bleach out of the highest cupboard. Mum always uses this when cleaning cups and things; I don’t see how a carpet is so different. I cover the cloth completely with the blue dyed bleach and scrub away at the carpet. The pink starts to come off but then starts to become a baby blue. What have I done? I stare at the blue mark confused on why the bleach stained the carpet. I decide to pull the huge black beanbag that sits in the corner of the room and place it over the mark. Grabbing the beanbag I notice the entire weight of the seat. So with all my might I have and pull till finally the now deformed chair rests perfectly over the stain. Walking in mine and Claire’s room I then see her sitting staring dizzily into the distance outside. I know how she feels; I and she both want to run past the flowers and the fields and towards the mountain that we see just barely miles and miles away. It’s an odd mountain; it sits like behind the tall snowy tip something lies there. We think it’s something magical like a magic forest like the one mum talks about in her stories, or a town so nice that butterflies cover the rooftops so every house is unique and has a vast colour range. Or maybe it’s a fearsome cottage that’s like its own but there lives two horrible girls with a mum so fierce that she feeds them alive frogs and snails so big that they could eat the girls’ whole. Me and Claire both start giggling in sync like we both are thinking of the most funny and nasty things that could be lurking behind the mountain. I soon get bored of the idea and decide to snuggle up in bed and rest slowly letting my eyes droop into a deep sleep.

Nothing really happens in that next year and so. But now that we’re almost 12 mum says something huge is going to happen on our 12th birthday. I can’t wait. Claire and I have been waiting for years for something exciting to happen, we always dream and wish but nothing has ever come true. Until now. In two weeks mum says we’re going to be taken to a palace and there is where our surprise will happen. She described this huge building with massive windows and over 10 floors. I dream of it being glossy white with carved in patterns on the walls of flowers and small cute animals’ birds’ bee’s butterflies and even large galloping horses which leap over the windows in one jump. Then I imagine ivy creeping its way up the smooth surface. Grabbing onto every window ledge to create an amazing pattern that sweeps and waves around the carving creating grass for the flowers and tall hurdles for the powerful horses. Claire thought something too along the lines; maybe it’s just a twin thing that we both think the exact same sometimes.

Mum went out for the day and bought us both some brand new clothes and shoes. The fabric on each shirt feels amazing soft and the look of the clothes is fancy, almost grown-up. Claire and I try on piece after piece, each strutting across the room showing them off to our invisible audience. We’ve never wore dresses or skirts or any of that. Mum says they’re too tacky and horrible for ‘sophisticated’ girls like she says we are. Life is relatively normal for the passing days till finally our birthday is just one day away.

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