Dustland Heroes

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The world is destroyed and its people are just starting to rise up in small communities. All over the land there is a plague of immorality consisting of slavery, cannibalism, and bandits with no one to stand up against it. At least until this ragtag group of people banded together with a common goal of stopping the evil in their post-apocalyptic world.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Drifter

Submitted: April 10, 2011

Reads: 211

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Submitted: April 10, 2011



A plume of dust blew across his path as the drifter slowly walked into the town long forgotten but not deserted. Shutters slammed shut on both sides of the two sided narrow street more frequent with every step. Quiet gasps and screams from women and children were heard as they tried to get indoors before being seen.

"I need water!" The drifter yelled, "I have supplies to trade!" and right as he finished his sentence windows opened, barrels came out, and guns started firing. The drifter did a combat roll behind a car to try to get away, but with guns on both sides of the street shooting constantly at him, he was bound to get hit.

After getting show three times in a row he needed to run for cover which meant in a house. Which also meant being in a dangerously close situation with guns. He bolted for a building and dove shoulder first into the door knocking it off the hinges and crushing a man who's job was to stop him from getting in. Quickly standing up, the drifter drew his 8-shooter revolvers and dropped the family of rednecks like they were acid. He thought that after this event they would want to cease fire, but now they began firing on the house that he was in. This angered the drifter and he went house to house until the whole half of the street was killed. This got the attention of the people and they sent out a negotiator, an expendable elderly man.

"Come out peacefully and you will not be harmed!" the old man said

Ducking under a window the drifter yelled, "I just need water. Water, then I leave."

"You have yourself a deal, sir!"
The drifter walked out into the middle of the street right as they brought down some water bottles and was immediately tranquilized.

Waking up in a room that smelled of blood, the drifter had no recollection of the shoot out. The only thing he knew was that he was tied up and there are people eating people right in front of his eyes. "How sickening." He said, "How can you eat your own kind in a world like this?"

The prestigious looking man turned to the drifter and explained, "They're already dead. You killed them. Why let this good meat go to waste?"

At that moment everything started coming back to him, "I get it, you're a village of cannibals. Which is why you attacked me without notice. And I'm assuming why I'm tied up."

"Right, right, and right, traveler!" He exclaimed excitedly as he walked towards the drifter, "But before I cut you open and feed you to my children, please, let me know your name, wanderer?"

While smirking he said, "You can call me the drifter." He stood up and broke the mans neck before his face could even react to the lack of a name the drifter had presented to him. He simply walked outside of the room where his things were kept, put on his coat, cocked his guns, and continued to murder the other side of the cannibalistic town. He grabbed two bottles of water, and walked out of the town, leaving only bullet casings behind.

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