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Callie is just a 16 year old girl with many secrets one of them is that she is a secret agent but her and her team don`t know why they are sent to hidden springs. Will they ever find out?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Secrets

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



You might have seen me around your school with these two boys Blake and Lucas I seem like a normal 16 year old girl but that’s your first wrong answer.  I am a teenage secret agent…I know it sounds cheesy but trust me my story is great.  I work for an agency called KBM, no one really knows what it means but you must have been born into a family that has a relative that has been in the program before you.  For me it was my aunt Callie (who I am named after).  You start training when you`re really little like three.  I was different I came when I was five.  When you get signed up you get sent to a boarding school and it seems like it’s on a deserted island but it’s not to school is actually underground. When you are in grade 11 they give you a town with two other people.  Those two other people are your team you stay with them and travel and fight together and also live together you get this cool underground house in a hidden place.When I was in the grade 9 (I was 12) in my training class they realise I had a gift for this fighting and lying kind of thing so I got moved up to the grade 10 I was a small kid and seeing all these 13 year olds was really intimidating.  So I sat in the back of the room in a small corner when two boys sat with me I quickly learned their names were Blake and Lucas I had no idea then but those two boys would be my two best friends.  We grew up and when they were 15 and I was 14 you got assigned your groups.  Groups are the team you will be working with to save the world or whatever with.  I got teamed with Blake and Lucas and the three of us got send to this place Hidden Springs in California but it’s in northern California so it doesn`t get as hot.  That brings us to today.  It was our exam day for the three of us.

“I DIDN`T GIVE PERMISSION FOR YOU TWO DO THIS” I laughed has Blake got on the back of Lucas`s bike. 

“See you in a bit Callie” Blake called back.  I laughed at the two boys who made this very poor decision.  I smiled looking at the two.  Blake was my boyfriend he has really light brown hair and is tall and skinny it was really hot today so he had on light blue shorts on and a white shirt.  Lucas on the other hand could care less what the weather was he had on black jeans and his favourite dress shirt.  Lucas has really dark brown hair and shorter then Blake but its skinny like him.  I looked down at myself and kind of smiled I was small, really small I am very flexible and can lie and fake cry on command.  I was sweating on the back of my neck because of my long thick brown hair I walked a little faster wanting to get home I looked ahead losing sight of Blake and Lucas.  I reached into my back pocket of my dark blue jean shorts and pulled out my iPhone and getting my headphones from my backpack.  I first took a selfie for instagram and stared at it my hair looked horrible it was frizzy so I deleted it.  I looked down at my shirt it was an Ed Sheeran band shirt and smiled.  I put my headphones in and put on “Lego House” By Ed Sheeran and cut into the forest and followed the fated path seeing bike trails along it.  I got to the tree and knocked the secret knock so it opened.  It may not look like it but this old tree is fake and has an elevator in it and under it is my house.  As I hopped on the elevator and we welcomed to the sound of two teenage boys screaming at zombies.  I smiled to myself and looked around our house has an open floor plan the small dining room was just a white round table with four chairs around it behind that is the small kitchen black and white it was kind of dirty and I wish Blake or Lucas would clean it.  I glanced at the two on the couch staring at the TV and screaming I rolled my eyes and tossed my back by my bedroom door and walked in my room was a dark blue (like the colour on the British flag) you see I`m obsessed with Britain and everything about it the accent especially, I swear I was born in the wrong country.  I brushed through my long thick hair and walked in my bathroom I had my own bedroom and room Blake and Lucas have to share one.  I pulled off my clothes and hopped in the shower it was so hot it burned…exactly how I like it.  I glance down at myself I was really small but was bigger in the chest area and hips.  I continued with my shower and got out and dried myself with the towel and brushed through my hair again.  I walked into my actually room and put on some black fabric shorts and a white tank top I opened my door and peaked out seeing Blake and Lucas still playing their game I tip toed next door to their room pulling open Blake`s closet door and grabbing a black sweater.  I mean I have my own hoodies but there’s something comforting about wearing your boyfriends sweaters or hoodies.

I walked out of their room and smiled at them as they laughed when the round finished. “Isn`t that sweater mine?” Blake asked I giggled and made my way towards the kitchen and grabbed some chips and sat down in between the two boys.

“We`ve been here two years and yet nothing weird has happened…” Lucas said looking up at us and sighing.

“It’s a small quiet town, why would they send us here?”  Blake rolled his eyes and stole one of my chips I gave him an evil glare and he kissed my cheek and got up and turned off the game console and TV.

“Some reason…we just haven`t figured it out yet” I smiled then laughed at myself.

“We have to explore!” Lucas screamed and standing up posing like he was in some kind of action movie.  We all laughed and juts watched movies and ate so much junk food for the rest of the night at 11 Lucas decided to go to bed.  Leaving Blake and I alone,the lights were out leaving the TV as the only light source.  The movie The Breakfast Club played the final credits I was curled in a ball cuddled up at Blake’s side I had my head on his chest.  Blake had his arm around me and just having him there made me feel safe…Blake is like that security blanket for me like when you’re a kid and you have that stuffed animal that makes you feel better.  For me that’s Blake.  We`ve been through a lot together and both had feelings for each other for a long time, we both had no idea then on my birthday October 24th he asked me out.  I loved him more than anything.  I trust him more than anyone he knows so much about me, like how I had to watch my parents die…yes I did.  When I was five years old, you see to get put into this program you must be either A: orphaned or B: be put up for adoption.  I had not so lucky letter A. 

I remember everything it was a Friday night and we were out on a little shopping trip in the city near where we lived…it was after my birthday so the air was cool and leaves were changing colours and it was late at night and it was getting dark and my parents and me were trying to find our way back to the car…and that happened to be parked on the other side of the town.  I remember being so tired.  Suddenly a loud alarm went off from inside a jewellery store across the street from where we were all standing.  Suddenly my parents walked faster and kept quiet being a little girl I was confused my dad made me walk beside him where I was hidden and couldn’t see or be seen.  My parents thought we were good…when someone in a black ski mask came up behind them.

“Where do you think you’re going?” this stranger asked he`s voice raspy and creepy.  He held a gun to the back of my mother’s head and without even thinking about what he was going to do.  He was going to ruin a little girls chance to grow up with a mom.  I was little and confused as to why my mom was screaming about protecting me.  Suddenly in one quick motion the gun was shot.  I watched her fall on the cold ground realising what happened I`ve seen it in movies my mom was shot and died tears fell down my small face I looked over and saw blood rushing out of her.  Next was my dad he shoved me behind him and got backed up against a wall.

“Please just not my little girl” My dad begged, he was in tears (well of course he has a gun pointed at him)

“No why would I do that” He said a smirk came across his face

“RUN CALLIE TO THE POLICE STATION!” My dad screamed at me.  I ran and didn`t stop I was crying.  Then the next gunshot I heard it but my ears were ringing I didn`t look behind me after that everything was a blur.  Soon after that I was put up for adoption and the government adopted me.  Since I had to witness my parent’s death it caused me to develop depression, anxiety and horrible nightmares.  Only a couple of people know about it Lucas doesn`t even know the full story I wake up before the boys so I can take my pills without Lucas seeing.The only reason Blake knows it because the first day I tried to wake up early and take my pills (it was the first day in the house together) Blake was already up and asked what I was doing…I had a panic attack and had to tell him.

“You tired?” Blake asked I zoned back in lost in thought and looked at him.

“A little…” I confessed but really I could barely keep my eyes opened and Blake could tell.  He smiled and picked me up and out me in my room on my bed.  I loved my room so much it was a light blue colour and has British things at every corner my bed covers were just a huge British flag.  Blake tucked me in as I closed my eyes already half asleep he kissed my forehead and whispered “goodnight” as a fell asleep but an hour later I was woken up by Blake rushing into my room and shaking me awake.

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