the final message

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abigal is a girl 17 traveling with her brother josh and their friends Cristy and blake. to see their grandmother who just came out of acoma. but there trip takes an horrifing twist when anliens come and kidnap them and in the process killing josh and abigal has to escape but slowly she falls in love with one of the aliens who is also 17. and did i mention the aliens look just like humans. just like humans. she is torn while shes out hanging with alienshuman things herfriends are being starved and tourcherd. will she remember them or will she forget that their even their. and slowly she is turning into one of alien.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the final message

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




We we’re at the airport when it happened. It was so fast. All the blood. Josh’s body all torn up. Me getting dragged away. It was horrible. I was screaming. Blake and Cristy were running. Run! Is what I was screaming. They were captured. Being drugged to get them to quiet. Cristy was crying. I was drenched. With blood. Josh’s blood. They took me to a large area of plane grass. I heard a ripping sound and there it was. A space craft. These people aren’t like us but they looked like us. I mean they looked human. This lead too me getting stripped and constructed on. They put something in my mind. To calm me down. To keep me at peace. To keep me from thinking they’re not human. But that part didn’t work. They brought me too their planet. To see how they live. Said I was chosen by the master. That we were chosen to help them. One who is lonely one who is gay one who is in love. We were to help them survive after they killed my brother!

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