the green rose

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - hospital

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



Chapter 2

I looked around at the faces I see. Mom, dad, the doctor, several nurses, and a boy I didn’t know. His blond hair in a skater cut hair. Like Justin Beiber but it looked good on him and also was shorter. His emerald eyes shinning as bright as the rose that lay in her pocket. I couldn’t sit up but I could talk. “ Can I go home?” I asked. They all laughed relieved. I looked from face to face as my father spoke “Yes, honey you can go home.” My father smiled and stood up. He shook the doctor’s hand and kissed the nurses hands. He grabbed his jacket and draped it over his shoulders. He turned and grabbed a jacket of his and put it around my shoulders. The boy stood up and left the room. I stood with the support of my father and mother the doctor gave my mom a wheelchair which they put me in. my mom wheeled me down the hall. “Honey you have school tomorrow, do you want to stay home?” I nodded. My dad pulled my mom aside and pointed a finger at her. He mumbled a few words and my mom nodded. She was quiet till we got home.

Dad left for work and my mom was left. “Mom?” I asked. She looked up from her book. “What did dad say that made you quiet?” I asked. Her eyes grew sad and she frowned. Shook her head and closed her eyes. “Go to your room!” she yelled at me. I ran to my room and grabbed my jacket. I picked up my phone and dialed Annabel. “Hello?” she asked groggy. “Hey can I come over?” I could tell she was going to ask what’s wrong. I my voice was shaky and I was stuttering. “Sure, what’s going on you sound upset? I can come pick you up. I’ll be there in five.” She hung up and I got my runaway bag that I packed when I was going to run away. I am sad still. I walked down stairs and walked passed parents room. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” she looked at me waiting for an answer. “I’m going to Annabelle’s house. And you can’t stop me.” I turned and walked on. “You are going to school tomorrow and don’t come home till you go.” She pointed a finger at me. I stuck the middle finger at her and smiled. “I gladly would like to not come home.” I walked out. Annabelle was out front when I closed the front door. I casually walked to her car. “Don’t give me that everything is fine bullshit!” she exclaimed as I sat in the front seat of her car. “You’re parents called my mom when you went missing. What’s going on you these days?” she looked at me meaningfully. “Nothing. Can I spend the night?”- “Sure you can. No need to ask. You’re always allowed.” She answered. I smiled.

Her mother wasn’t that happy about me spending the night on a school night. “I should call her mother.” Annabelle’s mother said. I shook my head. “I told her kind of crudely. I told her that I was sleeping over and she just like waved me away. She just let me go. So I know she doesn’t mind.” I answered flatly. Anna as I call her grabbed my hair and pulled me furiously toward her room. She locked the door as we entered the pink and purple polka dotted room. She glared at me. I heard something hit the glass of the window. I walked over to it as Anna glared at me harder. I must have done something wrong because she never glares for this long. I peered out the glass as I heard another bang. I opened it up. Some kids ran away as a kid I recognized but don’t know barged down the street after them. He stopped right at the side of the house. Blonde hair, blue eyes? I shook my head. I closed my eyes as if I was a child frightened. I opened them and he was gone, and so was the rose.

I was frightened I was going crazy I didn’t want to lose it by all means but when I woke up I was in a car. A cop car.

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