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Chapter 1

Once she had reappeared she realized she was in her old house. She panicked knowing that as soon as they found her mother's body they would come there to search for her. Almost as if on cue, Death appeared beside her."I only thought you would come here to get some of your stuff, as we are not going to be here again." The young girl nodded her understanding and went to her room to get a new dress and her teddy bear. When she reemerged from her room she saw that Death had clearly been waiting and it was taking her too long as her was seated at the table drumming his thumbs on the wood."I'm ready." She stated making her appearance known. He stood and took her hand and once again they disappeared. This time when they made an appearance she didn't know where they were.

They were somewhere rural as there were pastures and a silent creek out in the back behind a small house."Come. We must stay here." Death said beckoning her towards the house. When they stepped inside it was dark and dusty, and well it smelled of death."This is one of my oldest hideouts. It's a wonderno one has found them yet." Death said walking into the bedroom where an elderly couple lay dead in each other's arms on the king-sized bed."I guess they never had anybody come check on them and they clearly had no family or close family friends." Death continued,"I tookrefuge here the year you wereborn, young one. Your father hadbeen dying from cancer and was fighting me off to try and be there when you were born, henearly did defeat me when the cancer took control again and it became too much. He took a lot of energy from me. My very own life source. That was when I knew I had to have a successor. If someone could almost defeat me alone, then I needed an apprentice. So you, my young one, will be my successor and apprentice."

The young girl nodded and smiled."And, not to worry, your first assignment shall come soon. Not to say it will always be an assignment, I will allow you to have a little fun. Not too much or people might get worried, but some fun." Death explained, a little hint of laughter in his voice. Her smile broadened, she liked the idea of playing around with her new 'job'."Now, to get rid of this filth." Death said turning his hooded head to the air. She happily complied and dumped the bodies by the creek, which she had covered with leaves to make sure they would probably notbe found for a while. She got to thinking of how much fun she could have with her new 'job' and came up with some good ideas, to her at least. Now, to put them into action.

Submitted: November 26, 2009

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You definitely got the horror write in this story!!
update please!
By the way would you mind checking out some of my own stuff?

Sun, January 24th, 2010 8:19am


Like I said I will I promise. And I'll update this soon. Haha and I know it can be confusing. Lol... Check your stuff out soon!!!!

-Love Zooliglen..!!

Sun, January 24th, 2010 9:47am

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