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When I had finally calmed down enough to stand again the fire was going out on the plane and the boys were searching for anything salvageable. I heard muffled crying from my left and saw a heartbreaking sight. There was a pregnant woman holding a man's body in her arms and sobbing for him not to leave her. I walked over to her and took her hand. She looked at me with red rimmed eyes. I shook my head and pulled her up to stand. From the look of her stomach she was around seven months pregnant. Paul was standing behind the woman and took the man's body over to the edge of a forest where I saw all of the bodies of the dead. The pregnant woman let go of my hand and walked over to the other survivers.

\"Well, we found a few things worth saving. The whole back room is still in tack and the bathroom is part of that. Everything else is trashed.\" I looked at Aaron.\"Where's Colton? What are we going to do about his burns? Can he walk? And what about that pregnant woman? What happens when she goes into labour?\" Aaron sighed.\"He's with Paul. We haven't figured out what to do about his burns yet. He can't move anything from the waist down and I don't believe he can feel anything either. To be honest, we don't believe she's going to make it, the pregnant one I mean. She took in so much smoke and she's still coughing up blood.\" I didn't reply, instead I looked over to the woman who was caressing her dead husband's face. Paul was standing behind her rubbing her back in a comforting manner.

\"How are we all going to get home?\" Aaron moved to hug me.\"I don't know, sweetie, I just don't know.\" I forgot to mention, Aaron is gay, or I believe he is, so do many other people.\"Sorry to interrupt, but we have a problem.\" Paul pointed over to where the pregnant woman was on her knees throwing up blood and crying.\"What's wrong with her?\" I asked in a panicked voice, if her body aborted her baby and something went wrong she would die to.\"I believe she is throwing up from the smoke in her lungs as well as the fact her body is both shuttting down from shock and aborting the baby.\" My heart dropped.\"We have to help her.\" Paul shook his head and pulled me into an embrace of his own.\"There's nothing we can do. I'm so sorry.\" I could feel Paul's body trembling against mine. I watched as some of the older survivers, that included an elderly couple, put a blanket around the pregnant woman's body.\"It's getting darker, we should all go to sleep.\" I mostly demanded.\"We can't all go to bed at the same time. What if someone passes in their sleep? What if there is someone else here even a tribe of some sort? We need to have people switch off gaurd duty.\" Paul said as he pulled away from me. I nodded he was right. What if there was someone here that could help? What if there were dangers out here? What if some of the others did pass?\"Okay,so who will do it?\" I watched as Paul scanned everyone's faces and then looked back at me.\"I'll do it all night. I don't really sleep that much anyway.\" I nodded my thanks and went to grab the blankets and pillows that had been saved.

I helped hand out the sleeping supplies. Once everyone had their stuff they layed down except for me and Paul.\"Why aren't you going to sleep? It was your idea you know.\" Paul sat down. I layed my stuff next to him.\"I planned on helping you. I don't sleep all that much, but knowing me I'll pass out later.\" Paul nodded. We stayed up just sitting and watching everyone sleep. The pregnant woman coughed through most of the night. It was quiet, though as I fell into a fitfull sleep.

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Sorry for any problems with this I was half asleep as I typed both of these. Got a problem with it then take it up with both booksie and my inability to sleep. Hope you enjoy it other wise.

-Love Zooliglen

Mon, January 18th, 2010 11:20pm

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