The Vampires story

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AVampire named Vladimir Salvatore takes revenge on the women who refused to love him when he gave his unbeating heart to her to keep forever... for some forever is forever.. for Vladimir is just learning that with forever you need a heart too love them.. and Caroline Slade the women who got away llearns when people hhide secrets you lose part of your life fighting to get it back when you only eighteen. Vlad reveals what happened to his best friend in the twenty first century Micheal Owens of what happened four hundred and fifty one years ago before Caroline died or so he thinks

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Vampires story

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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She was so beautiful in the morning sun I could not resist the women walking amoungst these humans who every day could not see the beauty she carried as she walked passed. I have yet to get to know this women and though I have yet to meet her . So from a far I see her and know nothing of her.

I send my sevant out to observe her; he has a week to report back and tell me about ths goddess that walks amoungst us , but not with me.

All Iknow is that i've come to fall in love with her sight but I want to fall in love wigh her inside and know her feel her,see her for who she is. But will she let me, will she fall inlove with me,and will she love me for me?

I am the first vampire to live here in America. I've become use to there ways of life here. Just waiting to meet the women that may change my veiw of the world and if my heart is still really there. My neighbors around me all see me as the blacksmith on Fleet St. but what they dont see is the man Iam behind the doors of my shop. Its all so real the feeling of being in love by first sight but i want the feeling. I cant wait to make hed mine.

~Chancey has just arrived. While waiting for him to come to my study I pace around the room fiddling with trinkets until I hear a sudden knock on my door. knowing who it is I knod and he comes forward. My wait is over. "Any news yet Chancey?" I was dying to know. Chancey smiled , and shook his head while chuckling. "Sir, I'm afraid I have some bad news and some good news. Which do you want first?" I was worried about what Chanceys good news before the bad so I asked for the good news first.

"Good news, please." I was sweating franticly wondering what was right and what was wrong.

"Well Mr. Salvatore the good news is that shes agreed to meet you. Would you like the bad news now Mr. Salvatore?" I nodded my head and I bared a smile on my face. I was ready for the bad news. "Her name is Caroline Slade, and Mrs. Slade is married to Mr. Slade. Well their on the edge of getting married even though shes promised to meet you she warned me to inform you that just because she is not married yet doesnt mean she gives the rest of the world a try because shes not married. Though in my opinion she just might change her mind if you know what I mean. When shall I send the invitation to Mrs. Caroline?"

"I know exactly what you mean and please send her an invitation frist thing to night see to it that she gets it by tomarrow morning not her husband. Tell her to dress casual. Tomarrow I shall be out till the living are sound. I will have her as mine." My voice was harsh and demanding towards Chancey. He has been my long term friend for so long that once he betrayed, he became my permenint slave.

I was joyed with the thought of finally finding my one true life long meaning. I wouldnt change her unless she asked me to and no matter what I have to know this creature so beautiful so peaceful looking , for I cant live without a heart.

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