The Vampires story

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter one: Getting to know Caroline

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Chapter 1: getting to know Caroline

The next morning I got the best suit that I own. Black swade jacket and a red tie. My Italian shoes that wers hand made by a man my father knew as a child. When my dather passed ten years ago the shop was left to me and the shoes he fave to my father were soon passed on to me. Its been twenty years since I seen Gustavio. Its been twenty years since I ve gone back to Italy. I miss my morher. But that is my past its time to move on to my future. Mrs. Slade is the key to my freedom and Chancey knows as well.

I was just about to walk out of mg room when a very soft knock was heared at my mansion door. Chancey when to answer ths door and sent Mrs. Slade to the dinning hall. Coming down the staires I saw her and he pale beauty with bright green eyes and dark red hair down to her mid in a braid. She had a velvet sapfire ring lining. How she looked as so priceless it left me spech less. Her beauty could not be comparried for she was too beautiful to keep my eyes off of her. I lnow beauty when I see beauiful I know because I fall in love.

Chancey led Mrs. Slade to the dinning room and told her; her aquantince would be in in a minute. I arrived coming in shortly after she was seated at the master dinning table. I sat directly across from the centeer peace of the table Miss Slade was right across only a seat over so she was able to be seen. Her corset was the only thing keeping her breast. Just at the sight I was intreged. But now I was being forced to speak.

"Hello Miss. Slade. I am so glade you were able to join me this evening for dinner. I thank you for clearing any plans you and your fiancé had for the day. I'm so sorry if you went to any trouble with your fiancé. Please do understand." I was nervous just talking and she was perfectly normal.

"Its okay Mr. Salvatore. really it was no trouble at all Mr. Slade hasent come home so I dl not fret over how much time I will have I just simply enjoy it. You must see me better than everybody else to judge my charactor so fast. So if that is fhe reason I am here Mr. Salvator than please tell me what is the matter we are speaking." She was working up a deal of anger and frustration when our soup arrived from the kitchen. Matza Ball soup with a side of Itallian bread to flavor the soup. She seemed happier when she got to eat, until I answered. "Mrs. Slade I am terriblely sorry for any confussion I may have just gave you but I do not wish to make you mad at the facts but since moving here to the new world I plan to settle here in the Americas. I'm very fond of the way of life around here and the peole that come with it. Although it seems to me that lnly some of the people intrest me, and yet it is very much so that some is only one. Do you know who that some is miss. Slade?"

She knew who I was meaning. But yet she answered my question with no hesitation added.

"I had no idea that life troubled you so much Mr. Salvatore. I'm afraid I do not know whom you're talking about amoungst this subject of matter." Spoon fulles of soup were shoveled into my mouth. before i could answer her. I swallowed hard galps of the meals soup. How could something so vulgar and tasteless be so appealing to humans. Shouldn't it be her that is so nervous not me?

Looking into her eyes I saw what looked to be desperateness. So I couldn't hold the waiting any longer. "You know if you were smart you would get the whole point on why I invited you here tonight." She was stunned at my meaning.

"Mr. Salvatore please try to understand my plea, but what ever happens tonight please dont think any more of it.. It is so dangerous. There are things even I cannot say to how much Mr. Patrova would hate to hear any more arangements of any sort. Now Mr. Salvatore if you were smart you would understand my fiancé has a disorder. I like to tell people that whatever he does dont let it reflect off of who he is as a erson." she was loving her soup. Shortly after she finished dessert came out. Chesse cake. The dessert that won the worlds heart. Hopefully it will attach two instead of loss two. She smiled up at me after trying the Cream chesse with the raseberry side her exspression was price less.

"Well in all fair news Mrs. Slade but I invited you here to get to know you and away from the man who puts you away in that awful house. I know what its like to be shut away. In fact thats way I left England. I've been told it was time to move on. So I am moving on, trying to find who and where I want to spend the rest of my life. I am loving America for the shortwhile that I am here. All I need is someone to come with me. On this endevour that I have cursed myself upon." All I could do was realize she was my one chance to stay here. The only thing in my way was her decision to come with me and explore the rest of America together. She was silent for a moment till she asked. "When is this little so called courting or kidnapping going to be over, I would like to be home in a matter of minutes before my husband gets home. Do understand there is nothing more perfect to eat than this dinner tonight I loved it so much. Thank you but I would like to leave now. If you dont mind?"

She started to get up from her chair and within the first step she took I was infront of her only two inches infront of her feet looking her dead in her eye and explaining. "I told your fian?e that you wouldnt be home till late tonight. You have nothin to worry over. Trust me." As I stood infront of her she was dazed by my words and slightly breathless. Mrs. Slade is so pale at the moment that I can see the blue veins popping up out of her neck as she stares her green liquid eyes through me. I strain not to taste the blood I see running through her long perfect, and flawless neck. Her blood pumping made me want to end all the good I've been building up over the centrey's that her eyes started to go blood red and flutter. I backed away and realized something at that moment.

Caroline Slade was the one...

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