Zulu 4 Niner A Grunt in Afghanistan

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I have read some real armchair warrior fiction crap about fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is how it truly was for a Marine Grunt in the early years.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Zulu 4 Niner A Grunt in Afghanistan

Submitted: July 14, 2014

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Submitted: July 14, 2014



I have read some real armchair warrior fiction crap about fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is how it truly was for a Marine Grunt in the early years.


"Hey! Hey! Sarge, give me another!" Shouted the drunken Marine with a slur "Ok, I'll give you another!" said the Sergeant and promptly slapped the Marine again "That's better Sarge, thanks!" shouted the Marine, who swayed around like a pine tree in a storm ,"I can see you now!", then promptly fell to the ground out for the count.

The section gathered round in a circle, the drunk in the middle. One asked "What now Sarge?" the Sergeant looked at the drunk with admiration and answered "Throw him in the Deuce, but Gently! And clear these bottles away before the Officer arrives!" Some section Guys picked up the drunk and carried him off like ancient Greeks bearing a dead hero, and for to them he was a hero, a hero of the ranks!

The Company commander, a Captain, strode up and said to the Sergeant "Right! Sergeant! I witnessed it all from up there!" pointing to a rocky outcrop "Where is he?" the Sergeant saluted and explained the situation, adding that the Marine was lying unconscious in the Deuce, the Captain puffed up slightly and said "Bravest thing I have ever seen, without question, a decoration is required here call me when he recovers, I must shake his hand, he saved the company!"

The Sergeant watched the Captain walk off, turned and looked at the Deuce, the hero within, and the M60 support weapon still smoking. He had to smile as he recalled the action. Outnumbered, taking casualties, the Taliban attacking in strength, then the company falling back. All that saved them was a drunken machine- gunner, sitting alone before the advancing horde, pissed out of his head on crap local made beer, and singing an insane song at the top of his voice whilst hammering away at the enemy who finally broke and ran.

The Sergeant burst out laughing at the memory of it as he walked over to the Deuce and the Marine drunk who has recovered enough to stand again unaided. A Beer drinking Marine who became a hero of the ranks.

I know the above to be true, for I was that Marine. Corporal Zak Ford Nelson, Company Machine Gunner, and known to my buddies as Zulu 4 Niner.

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