The Black Knight

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - History Of Wolves Kingdom

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



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CHAPTER 1: History Of Wolves Kingdom:

Long years ago in these lands, there was only a road between the north and south kingdoms and the walls of British Kingdom. It was a dangerous way to travel as there were many rebels in the forests. In order to keep the road safe, British kingdom has decided to build the Reinsburg. Not much later, the northern kingdoms got in to war to protect British lands and southern British Kingdom’s help was vital. But the road was long, and time was important. So the kingdom decided to open a shorter road through the Wolves Forest. Later they have realized that there were even more rebels in that forest. British kingdom’s army was far from their home, helping their allies in war so they couldn’t protect the road. So people were still choosing the old road as it was safer.

The first lords of the Wolves Kingdom were a group of citizens from British Kingdom that took the risk to pass through the Wolves Forest. They got attacked right near the salt lake. They were heavily outnumbered and fighting would be a suicide. They were stuck between the cliffs and lake in the forest and they were forced to fall back in the woods towards the cliffs. While they were running to the end of the forest hopelessly, they saw a wolf. The wolf was scared of them and it started running too. The lords thought that the wolf would know the forest better than they do and that it would find it’s way out. They didn’t have any other plans so they started to follow the wolf towards a dead end. As they reached the cliffs, they saw a very thin path where they could pass through and climb on the cliffs. The rebels were about to close the distance so they had no chance but climbing. As they climbed on the top, they found themselves in another forest. When rebels saw them climbing, they have sent a small group of soldiers which would be enough to catch them and bring them back as prisoners. The rest waited as their horses can’t climb the cliffs.

The lords started to run deep in the forest. They heard a water noise and thought that they could lose their track there. So they started following the noise. As the rebels were closing the distance, lords reached a river that ends with a waterfall. It wasn’t much like they have thought and it was a wide river and was flowing fast. But they had no chance but jumping in the river. They tried to swim across but the river was very cold too. Many lords couldn’t make it to the other side of the river because of the cold water. Some of them returned back and some has drawn or fell down from the waterfall. The rebels caught the lords that returned back and they were convinced with what they already got so they didn’t try to cross the river. The relatives of those lords would already pay a treasure for their lives.

As the rebels decided to turn back, the lords that made it across got relaxed. They were very tired so they burnt a fire to warm up and dry their clothes. After resting a bit they started searching for a cave or a shelter as they wouldn’t dare to try to cross the river back again. They walked towards the mountains to find a cave. After a long search, they found a cave that could be a good shelter and wasted the night there. In the next days, they stayed there until they build a boat. They had drinkable water in the cave, and there were many animals around for hunting. Even though it wasn’t a type of life they were used to, they didn’t have much trouble to survive because it was a rich forest.

When their boat was ready, they passed the river and made their way back to the British Kingdom. The kingdom was having problems about food at those times. The war was affecting the kingdom bad. When this food problem got worse, the lords started to think about the place they left. When people started to starve to death, they collected a group of people promising them food and shelter and they decided to go back to that forest again. They created a colony there and kept that place as a secret from British Kingdom. In a few years the colony grew well and became the Wolves Kingdom. As the lords were leaded by a wolf to that forest, they decided to name their kingdom like that and they accepted “Protecting innocents and fighting against the rebels in their area” as their primary duty and goal.

After many years, the colony built a castle there. They also built stone walls, training fields, blacksmith, university and many more buildings and started to live on their own. They had their own army and their armies were ruled by the first lords of the kingdom. They were wearing black armor so they called themselves as “Black Knights”. After years, the “Black Knight” word stayed as the highest soldier rank. The kingdom controlled the forest around the kingdom first, and later they started to control the wolves forest too, fighting against the rebels in it. The caravans that passed through that road carried the stories of the Black Knight to the British kingdom and it didn’t take long that “Black Knight” became famous between rebels and in British Kingdom. There were many rumors, but all the people knew “Black Knight” as a single person instead of a rank that a few soldiers share. They were all talking about a brave fearless knight who lives in the wolves forest.

The Wolves Kingdom was choosing their black knights carefully in young age and train them. This way, they were hoping that they can keep a good reputation for the “Black Knight” name like “Protector of innocents” or “Black angel of wolves woods” but it didn’t happen as they wished. People were more thinking that black knight would kill anyone on the way and he is a cold blooded murderer. The reputation of the black knight got even worse after one of the British lords came to the wolves woods with his soldiers. There was a village in those times exactly where the wolves fort was built. The lord from the British Kingdom has found it and he forced people to give whatever they have to his army. Some of the villagers decided to rebel against him but then the lord killed the resisting villagers, put the rest in a building and burnt it down. One of the scouts from Wolves kingdom saw this and told about it to the Black Knight. The Knight found the lord and took him and his army down. One of the surviving soldiers from the lord’s army returned to the British kingdom and told them about the black knight. This was a big blow for the British Kingdom. The Black Knight was declared as one of the most dangerous and wanted murderer. The British army searched for the Black Knight for a while after this but they couldn’t find him as he returned to the secret palace of the Wolves Kingdom. At the end, the British Kingdom has forbid the wolves woods to the citizens to protect them.

After some years, the citizens were still using the road and the Black Knight and his armies were still trying to protect the innocents and the forest. They needed a close shelter so they built a fort to the place where the village that was burnt down, used to stand. The fort was spotted later by British Kingdom but they didn’t see it as a big threat and they didn’t know that it was the black knights fort so they didn’t attack to that fort as they had no trouble in wolves woods anymore.

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