4thewords Fire Legends of Gantsu Writing Contest

4thewords Fire Legends of Gantsu Writing Contest

Contest Closed

Contest finished.

Contest Results:


Thank you for your submissions, there were well-constructed stories, inventive plots, scary characters, a mix and match of styles and genres, and most of all, a blast to read. With over 50 submissions it was a hard contest to judge, and we thank you all for taking the time to create something, your creativity was inspiring. 

We had so many good submissions that we decided to add 3 more winners to the original 10 we had intended! This extended the total to 13 winners. 

Here are the results for the 2016 4thewords.com contest:

First Place ($100 + 1 year subscription): The Beast o
f Stone - by S. K. InkSlinger 

Second Place ($75 + 1 year subscription): The Widow of the Dark Forest - by Fan

Third Place ($25 + 1 year subscription): The 4th Tree - by Miss Midnight 

4-13 (no particular order):
The Paragon Chronicles - OtakuAnorack
Who is that widow in the dark forest - Merryday
The golden leaf - Megan Nicole
The lost children of Luciola Forest - Sufi J
The long night in the red desert - A C
Rumors of a floating city - Greythereadaholic
The widow of the dark forest - justletmewrite
The Door in the Corner of the Ale House - A. L. Culverhouse
The Giant Tambo - AnaGVF
Forgotten Matchsticks - Archia

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you again to everyone who took part in the contest. We hope to be back next year with another contest! Happy Holidays and we wish you the best on your writing journey this coming year.

*Winners Prize Collection:

If you were in the top 3 please email us (developer@4thewords.com) so that we can coordinate your payment as well as set you up free year account. 

If you were in 4-13 create your 4thewords.com account, when you have, email us (developer@4thewords.com) with your account username and email and we’ll credit your account with 3 free months. 

Thank you again everyone for participating.




Hi! We’re 4thewords, an online game for writers. We use monsters, quests, and items to help you keep a healthy daily word count. These monsters live in a world we’ve created called Oge-Mai Valley. We thought it would be fun, for this contest, to create short stories inspired by some of the places and monsters in our world. We’ve called the contest “Fire Legends” because the idea is that these are “Camp Fire” legend stories. Here are the contest details:


Guidelines & Rules

You can pick whichever image you like (see below)

The image serves as inspiration you don’t need to write about or know our storyline

Must be a short story that is newly written

Minimum: 1,000 Words - Maximum: 3,500 Words

Must use the number 4 four times in the story

Word count must be somewhere on the document

“Camp Fire” style stories of these Legends



1st Place: $100 + 1 Year Subscription on 4thewords.com

2nd Place: $75 + 1 Year Subscription on 4thewords.com

3rd Place: $25 + 6 Month Subscription on 4thewords.com

4th-10th Place: 3 Month Subscription on 4thewords.com

(Cash prizes paid through PayPal)



Start: November 1st 2016

Finish: December 15th 2016

Results: December 20th 2016


Judging based on:

15 Points: Spelling, grammar, punctuation

15 Points: Following rules

50 Points: Story/plot

15 Points: Pizzazz

5 Points: “Campfire” style story

Contest sponsored and judged by 4thewords. To sponsor a contest on Booksie, contact us at contact(at) booksie.com.
Create a story inspired by any of these images:

Entry cost: Free

Start: November 01, 2016

Deadline: December 15, 2016

Prize: Contest Closed. Look for other great writing contests.

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