Booksie 2017-2018 Short Story Contest

Booksie 2017-2018 Short Story Contest

Contest Closed

Over $1,000 in prizes, exposure, fame. Enter your short story.

April 8, 2018 - The Winners

The Grand Prize winner of the writing contest is:

If you haven't read this story yet, do it. The writing is fresh, the story moves, and the heroine is sassy, original, and not someone you'd want to meet in the dark sewers. This is a writer to follow.

The Runner-ups are:

Opening with a fantastic hook, this story is an exploration of what happens to someone who feels they are on the tip of some great understanding about the world. Would this thought consume you? Complex, thought-provoking, and multi-layered - good stuff.  


Another blistering action story set in a believable universe and written in reverse order. Chock-full of detail, tension, and a fully developed world. It will make you want to read the book which birthed this short story. Read the story and then the book.


Congratulations to all of the winners! And a hearty congratulations to the finalists and all of the entrants. If you didn't win this time, don't despair. We'll be launching a bunch of new contests soon.

We'll be contacting the winners over the next couple of days with details on receiving their cash prizes and other awards.


April 1, 2018 - Finalists Announced

Hi everyone, we're excited to announce the finalists for the 2017-2018 Booksie Short Story Contest. The finalists, in no particular order, are:

The winner and two runner-ups will be announced next week. 

Congratulations to the finalists and all of the writers! There were a tremendous number of excellent short stories entered into the competition, as many of you know. This was the largest contest we've run on Booksie and with each competition, the quality gets better and better.

We'll be announcing the young writer winners later today or tomorrow.

* * * 


Hello, Booksie world! We're excited to announce our biggest competition yet, the Booksie 2017-2018 short story competition. We're looking for most interesting, original stories that will make us laugh, cry and see the world in a slightly different way. The winner will receive the Booksie Short Story Award, which comes with a hefty cash prize, a gold trophy badge, and one month of free Boosts. We also have awards for the runner-ups.

Special Category for Middle and High School Students

This year, to make the contest a bit more fair for our younger members, we’ve created two categories. One for middle school and high school students, and one for everyone else.

If you’re a middle school or high school student, click here to read your entry details.  
All Genres and Themes

The contest is open to all genres and themes. You can enter a previously posted story on Booksie or post a new one and enter it. 


The judging will be done in rounds.

Finalist round: We will select six finalists. Five finalists will be chosen by the editorial team. One finalist will be chosen by readers as the work with the highest number of total reads will be selected. The names of the six finalists will be announced approximately four weeks after the contest has closed.

Winner round: One grand prize winner and two runner-ups will be chosen by the Booksie Editorial team from the six finalists approximately one week after the Finalist Round is announced.



Grand prize winner. 

  • $600 cash award
  • Gold winner badge
  • One free month of Boosts for their winning story (Boosting features the story in front of Booksie’s million of monthly readers).

Two runner-ups.

  •  $150 cash
  • Silver winner badge
  • One week of Boosts for the winning entry.

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