Booksie 2023 Poetry Contest

Booksie 2023 Poetry Contest

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$1,000 cash prize for the winning poem. Writer crowned Booksie 2023 Poet Laureate.

Deadline: June 15, 2023

Booksie is looking to crown its 2023 Poet Laureate. Get your poems out and submit them to the contest.

The poetry can be of any type, length, or content, but it must be your own. The poetry can be serious or whimsical, fact or fiction, but it should strike a chord that makes us sit up and take notice. We're looking for poems that say something and make a reader sit up and think. You may submit as many entries as you like.


Grand prize winner (Booksie Gold Poet Laureate). 

  • $1,000 cash award
  • Gold winner badge
  • Promotion across Booksie in the contest winner sections of the site

Two runners-up (Booksie Silver Poet Laureates).

  •  $150 cash
  • Silver winner badge
  • Promotion across Booksie in the contest winner sections of the site



The judging will be done in rounds.

Finalist round: We will select six finalists. The names of the six finalists will be announced approximately eight weeks after the contest has closed. The exact timing will depend on how many contest entries are submitted and need to be judged.

Winner round: One grand prize winner and two runners-up will be chosen by the Booksie Editorial team from the six finalists approximately two weeks after the Finalist Round is announced.


Entry Fee

Writers may submit as many entries as they like. There is a fee of $6.95 per entry ($3.50 for Premium members). This covers administrative costs, judging fees, marketing, and prize awards. Any profit derived from the contest fees will be donated to the literacy non-profit Reading is Fundamental. 


Previous Winners

Booksie 2017 Poet Laureates.

Booksie 2018 Poet Laureates

Booksie 2020 Poet Laureates


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter as many poems as I want?

Yes, you can enter an unlimited number of poems

Do I have to be a member of Booksie to enter?

Yes, you must be a Booksie member but membership is free. If you are not a member, you can easily become one as part of the entry process.

Can I edit my entry?

Yes, you can edit your entry up until the contest deadline. To edit your entry, login to Booksie, go to your Portfolio, click on the title of the entry, and then choose the Content sub-tab. 

Can I keep my entry private and does that hurt my chances of winning?

You can keep any of your entries private if you only want the contest judge to read the submission. This does not impact your chances of winning. You can also elect to publish your content and allow others to read it while it is being judged. Many writers choose to  publish their writing to gain readership and visbility but it is up to you.

Does my entry have to be in English?

Yes, our judges can only read English submissions for now. In the future, we will be expanding into our languages.

About Booksie

Booksie has been helping writers tell their stories since 2006. The site has over 200,000 writers online and is visited by millions of readers per year. Some of our writers have gone on to achieve best-selling writing success (such as Lydia Kelly with Screaming in the Silence). Many other members write for a hobby and find the site a great way to connect with others and showcase their talents. 

We've been running writing contests for over fifteen years on Booksie and its sister site TheNextBigWriter. Our goal is to inspire writers, recognize their talent, and reward those who produce unique, creative work. You can view a list of our recent Booksie winners here.    

Good luck!

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