Flash Fiction Summer 2019 Writing Contest

Flash Fiction Summer 2019 Writing Contest

Contest Closed

Flash Fiction Contest - Win $100.


November 16, 2019

After much debate and discussion, we're excited to announce winners of the contest. They are:

Grand prize:

The best flash fiction tells a story and then provides a twist at the end. The last sentence of this flash piece of pure genius.


This piece captures the playful banter of two friends as they contemplate the mystery of the man sitting near them. 

In this story, enlightenment arrives with one foot poised over the train threshold. A poignant story of love. 

Congratulations to all of the winners! We hope everyone enjoyed participating in the contest. The 2019 Short Story Contest is still accepting applications.


November 3, 2019


Hello, we are pleased to announce the 10 finalists. As stated in the rules, six of the finalists are Premium members and four are Basic members. We'll be announcing the overall winners in exactly one week, on November 10. The finalist are, in no particular order:

Premium members:

Basic Members:

Congratulations to all finalists!


October 3, 2019

Wow did we get a lot of entries! That's awesome. It's just taking us longer than we anticipated to read through them all. It will take another 2 weeks or so. Thanks for your patience! Winners to come.


* * * 

Take a look at the picture above. 

In 200 words or less, write a story about the image. The challenge of flash fiction is to create a thought-provoking story within the tight word constraints of the writing form. 

The story can be any genre as long as it is based on the picture.


  • One winner will receive $100 and receive a gold contest badge.
  • Two runner-ups will receive $25 and receive a silver contest badge.



There is no cost to enter.

  • Basic members can submit one entry to the competition (only the most recent entry submitted will be judged).
  • Premium members can submit an unlimited number of entries into the competition. 


About Booksie Contests

Booksie has run writing contests for the last three years. Click here to view a list of previous Booksie winners.

Entry cost: Free

Start: June 02, 2019

Deadline: August 30, 2019

Prize: $100 grand prize. Two $25 runner-up prizes.

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