Topic: Encourage Writing Inc.

Welcome to Encourage Writing Inc.

I've read through the rules of many different houses on this website and I have to say that it seems a little too uptight to me.  No one, or very few writers, if any, on this website want to be given homework in return for asking for a review.  School is over for many people and, for others, it's the last thing they want to think about on here.  We won't expect you to read and review everyone's writing and we definitely will not require anything in return in asking for our opinions on your work.  However, we do expect some type of compliance because, after all, this is supposed to be a website for encouraging and helping improve other authors skills in writing.

Don't be discouraged if you do not get a response for review right away.  Things like this take time and patience.  While you are waiting for someone to review your writing focus on what you can do next and brainstorm some ideas in your head.  When commenting on someone's work I am not expecting you to be specific.  Surprisingly enough, for beginners, a simple 'Hey that was great! Can't wait for the next chapter!' is enough to keep any writer encouraged enough to continue and that is what this group is focused on.  Writing isn't based on skill.  It never has been and never will be as long as people see the true meaning behind a good story. 

Writing is based on feeling.  It is a question and an answer.  It is a cause and effect.  It is an experiment and its result.  Even if the grammar is poor, even if the story line is confusing, and even if the plot clashes with logic, it is what the writer feels blends together that gives meaning to the writing.  Allow every writer a chance to discover their own mistakes or to find a better transition to their story.  Soon enough they will improve and become the next top writer in the world.  All we need to do in the meantime is support and encourage them as best and as much as possible.  We are meant to adapt and learn but only if we see and understand them. 

No one else can tell us what we did wrong or what we need to change without it clashing with our own writing style.  Some may accept constructive criticisms and others may have a falling out due to them.  This causes many writers to give up and stop trying.  Trust me, I've been there.  The one thing that helped me get back up again was re-reading my work and seeing and understanding the issues I had in my writing and this wasn't because of what people told me needed to change, because honestly I don't remember what they told me, but more or less because over time my knowledge of writing had changed not in style but in understanding.

This world we live in is a storybook that wrote itself throughout history and continues into the future and as the years go by we are able to see the increased complexities in the descriptions of our lives.  How we do things, how we act and react, how we perceive things, how we control things, etc.  Our minds are meant to grow stronger day by day whether we study something or not.  The way you decide to allow your minds to grow stronger is completely up to you.  So save the criticisms for those who care for them and encourage those who truly need it until they are mentally and emotionally ready to accept correction.

So again, I welcome you to Encourage Writing Inc. and I hope to see plenty of works of art flourishing in no time.  Thank You

For any questions or concerns please contact me through PM thank you.