Topic: Horror Stories

Why is it that horror stories are so easy to write once you have an idea what it is about. I end up spending 5 or 10 minutes figuring out the title and the subject, but it takes me 10-20 minutes to write it. I love writing horror stories because I get to control it and I get to decide what happens. When I was younger, horror stories scared me, but today they give me a rush when I write them. It can be addictive too since you can create your own little world, so you choose who lives and who dies. This is great for someone who has lost one or more of the characters they like due to cruel authors that like to kill an important character or someone that deserves to live. Writing horror stories or books is amazing and it gives you a sort of an adrenaline rush. It is also great to see how many people love the stories and how many people are reading your stories.
No idea if anyone is online; just wanted to express my feelings about all things horror and scary.




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So tired. mad Definitely going to bed. Was worth the shot.