Topic: Another newbie question

What is the difference between House and Shelves.
I set up a House but can't find info about Shelves


Re: Another newbie question

People will shelf your stuff if they like it.  You can do the same thing.  The more something is shelved the more it is visible.

Houses, well they are tricky.  A house can be to gather others that write or read the same genre as you.  The thing is making a house popular takes either hard work or the right people.

A little FYI.  If you delete your house or are a member of another house and leave it for any reason anything published under that house will no longer be published under a house and you will never be able to publish it under a house again.  This means it disappears from all lists except your portfolio and the shelves it is on.  This will seriously hamper you getting reads except for searches and I'm not sure if that will work.