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Welcome to all new members and thank you for joining the YA house!

Tell us about yourself and remember, all input is valuable, so if you have something to say speak up!

My name is Imogene and I am currently working on my first novel (Playing My Way) about a regular everyday kid who's life is turned upside down by his parent's divorce and of course, a girl smile

If this is the type of story that interests you then please have a read and tell me what you think.

Feel free to post your own work and any Forum topics that you would like to discuss
I'm Looking forward to building a great community!


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Hello, I just joined the site + the house smile
I still have a lot to figure out on the site, but nice to meet you all!

I'm a college student studying biochem, but I have a passion for writing.
I used to write stuff on my creative writing blog, but decided to post my works on sites like Wattpad, Quotev and now Booksie.

Right now I'm posting my first novel on here (Under the Mask), and when I'm caught up with all the chapters, I might upload some of my short stories as well tongue
Under the Mask is a friendship story about a normal boy, Daniel, and a girl who has isolated herself for years - to the point of being called the Northern Ghost (because she lives in the north of town). I'm trying to keep it original with as little cliché as possible.

Thanks for reading my post!


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Hello Veronica,

Welcome to the YA house!
I look forward to reading your work. I haven't had a chance yet due to the holidays, but I will definitely take a look and offer my feedback. Your story sounds interesting already smile


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Hello house,
  Im a college student who writes when given the opportunity. Ive had an idea for a story since middle school so that may be the only work ill publish haha, that being said all kinds of feedback are appricated. Writting isnt my main concern being a pre-med student but I still consider it important so even harsh feedback is constructive in order to be a better Writter. Well I look forward to reading some of your guys' work and get some feedback:3


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Hello there! My name is Elena and I am a Dramatic Art's student. I really love writing! I have been for the most of my life. I've been a member of Booksie since 2013 but stooped uploading my work for about two years and now I am back with a brand new book, called "Underground"! I'd love it if you had the time to take a look and leave some feedback. My novel is about six friends in their early twenties trying to take control of their lives. Coming into adulthood, falling in love and building strong relationships are the main themes of the story. If it sounds interesting to you, please give it a chance! I hope you're all well! Have a beautiful day!!!


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Well, hiya everyone smile
I'm AnarchyBlues. As everyone else on this site, I like to write and read. I've only been writing for four, going on five years this year and I think I've come along way since I've started but I'm definitely not promising that my work is any good. I'm not new to this site, this is just a new account because I had to close down my other account. I've actually been on and off Booksie since 2012. Hopefully, this time I stick around haha. I'm currently working on four novels (I know it's a lot but it keeps me less bored) but one of those is a BooksieSilk novel only. My novels are all different so this would be a huge comment if I posted all about them. Feel free to check them out and feel free to leave a request on my profile (make sure you read my guidelines though haha).
Hope you've all had a good Christmas and a good New Years Eve/Day smile


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Welcome to all the new members!!

Thank you all for joining the YA house and introducing yourselves. Nice to meet you all. I look forward to reading everyone's work smile


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Hi! I just joined the site and this house tonight. smile

I'm homeschooled in New Zealand, so I live a pretty good life and I'm currently working on the first book of what I hope will be a five-six book trilogy, so any feedback on that would be awesome. I like archery, horseback riding (I have 8 horses XD) reading, and of course writing and I admit to having a bit of a video game fettish, especially when it comes to Assassin's Creed.
I look forward to meeting everyone here and hope we can all help each other become better YAs. smile))


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Hey! My real name will not be revealed here, but my pen name is based off of the Greek name, Kyra (meaning "like the sun"). The last name is taken from my favorite singer in the Pentatonix (sometimes abbreviated "PTX), Mitch Grassi. I'm currently working on chapter two of my first original novel, entitled "Twisted Circus Dreams". Basically, it's a horror novel and probably one of the few times you will see something like that from me. I'm also planning on writing a book where the details won't be told here, for certain reasons. I am a girl, I am of a young age (14), and I am not single. I also love pizza and many other foods. I'm glad to be a part of Booksie and this House.


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Hi, I go by the pen name of Allcure, I'm a 18 year old English lit student, working my way towards a English literature and creative writing course. If you hadn't picked up on it already creative writing is a intense passion of mine though I have an annoying habit of taking long breaks here and there. With my course application just around the corner I've decided I need to expand my portfolio and get any feed back I can.
I am currently working on a Young adult novel (Counting Down) in which I'm trying to explore the largely unrepresented male approach to romance. The story begins with Nathan, a 17 year old troubled boy waiting out his pubic years in England, moving back to the American boarding school where he spent his childhood. Here he learns that life is a lot more about taking control than letting the world manipulate you, with the aid of a new seductive and broken friend. I hope to explore some dark themes in this novel dealing with mental health and the effects of a broken family. Though don't worry too much, elements of empowerment and redemption will be woven throughout. Please if nothing else give the first chapter a read and let me know what you think


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You can call me JustOneWriter. I just recently joined this site and this house. I'm a high school student who loves reading as well writing stories. I have many, many ideas, but currently I'm working on a short story series called School Hell, which shows follows the struggles of one teen placed in one of the worst high schools in the country. It explores his daily life at the school as a dorm student, different incidents and basically follows his life through high school. I have actually uploaded a prologue/preview of sorts so please do look at it and don't feel hesitant to provide criticism or advice. It would be much appreciated as I am still fairly inexperienced writer and I hope to further my skills while gaining some exposure. Thank you.


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Hello everybody!
-just joined the site and this house smile i have my sister already here Onique Mystery you can give her a look too.
As her i have a dream of writing and be published who knows smile)
Nice to meet you and i hope i can start my book in no time.


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Hello smile

I'm Chloe. I am currently writing my third book. My first book (Silent Memories) is about a girl called Emily who finds a door only accessible by night. The second book i've written (The Dragon Vault) might become a series and involves what would happen if dragons were currency.
I hope these might interest you as yours have interested me.


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I'm Mickey, I don't write much but I love to read and I look forward to reading some of the books from the members of this house wink


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Hey everyone
I'm Matt. Haven't written much but I love reading, especially romance and new, creative ideas.
Can't wait to be amazed


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I'm BUnique... Bea... Bec...Becky... Any of them.
I'm currently writing a young adult novella with bite size chapters about a romance forming during a zombie apocalypse. I'd appreciate it if you could check it out and leave a comment... I'd be more than happy to return the favor. Here's a link - https://www.booksie.com/posting/bunique … art-462430

Feel free to stop by my profile to say hi! I can't wait to check out other peoples work too!


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Hey, everybody!
Love to read and write, otherwise I wouldn't be on this site har. I love reading (and writing) young adult novels! They just seem so much more relatable and real than the bestsellers thrown in the adult section. smile
About me, oh. Erm. Idk. Uh.
I'm 18, will be graduating in about a month and I want to be a cardiologist, so that's cool. Though I think chemistry will keep me from achieving my dream job bc I SUCK AT IT.
That's all! Happy writing to all! big_smile


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I'm Breanna, nice to meet you all!
I love reading, writing, cats, Sailor Moon, and more recently Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
I haven't written any books yet but I do have a few short stories and would appreciate any feedback!
Happy writing tongue


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Greetings everyone. I go by the pen name of Robert Darius. I mostly read fantasy, sci-fi, and Young Adult novels. Currently, I'm working on the second draft of my novel "The King of Elements: Amity," which is a mix between urban fantasy and sci-fi fantasy. Most of the people that has read it says that the dialogue feel genuine and unique. Besides becoming an author, my dream job is to become either a voice over actor or a police officer. That's kind of all that I can think of.



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After publishing my first short story, I guess we all start somewhere, I looked around the site and came across this publishing house. I joined, because my short story fits the genre, but I didn't quite realise, being new, how everything works here and how it all fits into place. Well my first publication can be found here: https://www.booksie.com/468416-ill-kiss-you-in-the-rain  I see that I could re-publish it to this house, but I thought it should stay where it is for now as I guess you can all find it. Well I am always open to suggestions, you know it's never easy being the new boy!


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I stumbled upon this website today! I'm tired of writing and not being able to share it with anyone! I'm hoping to gain feedback and also give feedback. I love reading writings from my peers.

About Me: My name is Kaliah, I'm from the oldest town in TN. I'm completing my degree in elementary education- teaching license.

The writing that I am working on  is about a senior in high school who has just moved from Virginia to Los Angeles. She's thrown into this so called "glossy" life and meets a group of friends, each with their own set of secrets. Kennedy, the main characters finds that not everything that glitters is gold in the city of angels. Follow these 8 misfits on their journeys of self discovery, self deprecation, and self appreciation. I'm sure anyone reading will be able to identify with at least one character.


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  My name is Jen Kennedy, and I found this house because I wanted a place where I could review other work, and others could review my work. I love the Young Adult category, because I am, myself a young adult.
  I am working on my first novel, "Who Am I," about seventeen year old June, who is forced to move with her parents and her two younger twin brothers, to Austin, Texas. Her grandparents need help now that they're growing, and June is dragged along. While staying in Texas, June meets her next door neighbor, who then grow a romantic connection like no other.


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Hi I'm new to this site but I have been writing for a while. I study English at university, and it took a lot for me to publish this piece. I plan on updating every few days. I really hope everyone enjoys my piece and I look forward to reading all of the other stories.  My story is entitled "Blessed Curse".  I read and write almost everyday.

Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.



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Hi I'm Brittany. I am 20 years old and have been trying to be a better writer for a while now. I hope to read your works as well as seeing you read mine. I am always up for critism.


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Hello everyone! I am new to this website and wanted to introduce myself and hopefully make some other friends who are writers. If you have something that you would like me to review, feel free to message me. I love to write young adult stories as I feel like this genre is often poo-pooed as not having great moving stories, which is definitely not the case. This category to me is vital as it gets teenagers to actually read and grow their imagination.