ABOUT HOUSE:  The category is "fantasy" or "science fiction", but this is a house for anyone looking to share ideas, brainstorm, or just meet other writers.  Anything and anyone is welcome.  I am new to Booksie, but I really like it so far.  This is my attempt at creating a place where people can publish stories, essays, poems, scripts, etc. in order to receive feedback from a smaller community within the larger site.  My goal is to develop a kind of "think tank" of writers who share similar views or experiences (or perhaps several different groups), all working together to build writing skills and help each other to grow as individuals.  The advantages of being in a smaller group, like a house, is that you can see other writers that you might like, and the forum function provides a better way to converse than the comments or quickee messaging systems.  Feel free to invite writers you are a fan of or Booksie users that you know leave helpful comments.  Personally, I have learned a lot from Christy R.'s "Do's, Don'ts, and Please Don'ts of Booksie", and the house "Review Chain" is another great resource for writers looking to get good reviews.

PUBLISHING:  If you would like, you can publish here which would make it easier for members of this house to find your work.  If you do publish something (here or elsewhere) that you need help with or would like other writers to edit/review, please start a new post topic in the forum.  This will allow authors to have a conversation with other house members about a specific story/poem/script they are working on.

Also! At least once a week I will post a "creative writing" thread in the forums.  It's a great way to practice spontaneous writing and learn from other writers.  Have fun with it, but please try to keep responses under 500 words.

A little about me:  I am a college student working full time while trying to finish my Bachelor's Degree online.  I am married, but have no children yet, and enjoy spending time reading, watching movies, and have recently decided to try my hand (literally) at writing.  I have many interests, but some of them include music, theater, science, and the outdoors.

*If you would like to join, take a moment to introduce yourself in the General Discussions post.  Also, I would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the site, this house, or (to the best of my ability) anything else!  Thank you for visiting.