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Welcome to the Fandom Fanatics~! big_smile This is a Booksie house, dedicated to the fandom-obssessed Booksians out there! This is a multi-fandom club. Any fandom is welcome here~! Anyway, let's get started to the rules, guidelines, et cetera! wink

     * Rules
1) You must NOT criticize any fandom or anybody. We're all friends here! If you are reported as being mean/rude, then I (Mimi14Senpai, the founder) WILL ban you from this house! No warnings, no second chances! I'm sorry, I'm all for second chances, but I'm going to be strict about bullying.
2) Have fun~! smile
                                    (And those are the only rules that I could come up with! Yay~! *note the sarcasm*)

     * What We'll Be Doing In This House
1) Roleplays
2) Fanfiction/Story Reviews
3) Fan Art Requests/Fan Art
4) Debates
5) Conspiracies
6) Suggestions
7) And more~! wink

     * Writing Guidelines
- Must NOT be inappropriate without warning! You MUST have a label on the story saying that there are inappropriate themes!
- Can NOT criticise another fandom or somebody!


Re: Welcome || Rules, Guidelines, Etc

Dang, you really thought this out, didn't you, Mimi?


Re: Welcome || Rules, Guidelines, Etc

TyDaSenpai wrote:

Dang, you really thought this out, didn't you, Mimi?

*smiles sheepishly* Yeah... *laughs softly*