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I'm new here on the site and i joined with the intention of writing more than anything else, but now. I know it might seem a bit out of place for me to say this on a fantasy forum, but i'm not an "elves, wizards and mages" guy, or at least i don't like to write about them, because i do like me a good Lord of the Rings type of thing. What i like about the realm of fantasy when it comes to creating stuff isn't sticking to the classic fantasy formula, but to create my own stuff, from the ground up. I'm currently writing a book called "The Mostest Epicer Adventure: The Seven Orbs", (typo on purpose btw) and it's more of a story-driven, silly, yet serious story in which a lot of questions and mysteries get answered later on. If anyone's looking for a different type of fantasy book, and if you have time, feel free to check it out; it would be nice. However, that's not the main reason of this topic. I want you guys to leave me your stories/books/whatever you're writing here, and despite what i said earlier, if your thingy has elves, wizards and mages in it, i'll still be interested.

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Although I'm done with writing the story, I'm still thinking of making some edits to it. I present to you my novella, The Knight of Chimera, with 11 chapters it's probably my best take on fantasy so far. It had won First Place in the Novella Writing Contest set up by publishingnetwork (a.k.a. Ronin Publishings), and as a result "The Knight of Chimera" will soon be in print and published onto the Amazon website for sale. Check it out while it's still free, or grab a copy once it's on Amazon!

Check out my award-winning "The Knight of Chimera" here: https://www.booksie.com/474199-the-knight-of-chimera


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I'll check it out, S. K.

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Well, that is amazing S.K. InkSlinger. You have set the bar quite high but I hope to get there too! You both may have something that could be worth my time reading. I have developed many, many stories and even have seven in their beginning stages online. Yes... Seven! Perhaps I am being silly. Either way, I have recently become serious about one in particular. I call it my "2017 project", although what I have planned is rather lengthy and is sure to take much longer to complete. Much of my time already goes to working a full time job! I already know how I want to progress this story, though there will be plenty of smoothing out details. So far, I have a simple prologue chapter for viewing. It is called THE MAGICIAN'S FLAG and I invite everyone to give it a read! The story is told in the far future where magic has been DISCOVERED. A story complete with rivals and foe. But the twist, they are not warring but competing!

https://www.booksie.com/491938-the-magi … g-part-one

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Re: What are you guys writing? Feel free to post here.

Wow, congrats S. K. InkSlinger. I'm currently writing a story that revolves around 8 characters from 4 nations, set in a hostile world inhabited by monsters called 'beasts'. It's still in early stages, but do check it out if you're interested: https://www.booksie.com/490747-tales-of … hra-book-1

I think there's nothing wrong with a fantasy setting without magic/elves. I believe fantasy is simply something that is somehow different to the world we live in, whether it's because of different creatures or laws of reality or even ways of life.