Topic: News Flash 03-12-17!

Rowdy Living Press is now official, and very real. Snap up the latest read on your handy dandy e-reader today, while offers last! Stay tuned in for many more reads coming your way soon! Investigate this latest link when you have the inclination: http://www.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/t … e48086ac04
If any additional print copies are desired of work by this author purchasers are welcome to seek these works out via the search button at The Book Patch here: http://www.thebookpatch.com/Bookstore/Search.aspx
check out my latest publication when you get the chance:
Please investigate my additional latest publication which was the second part of a large 2 part work entitled, "Stairway To Tyranny."

Working hard with my writing, of late. I have submitted many titles to Smashwords, under my author name, H.L. Dowless. Many are available to little to no cost at all. Links are given to print additions that can easily be purchased. I have had several hundred sold in the past month. No best seller yet, but I promise to keep trying. All good things are possible with you, my dear fan base.


Re: News Flash 03-12-17!

Feel free to join , if you desire some positive critique of your work. Exchange messages, ask questions and get noticed. Give us all your own two cents worth. Good authors and business people can never become excellent authors and business people without that critique! Successful people often forget that part of the how-to question. Look at Andy Griffith and the way he turned so sour toward his fan base, along with everyone else. No doubt, one day there will be a book published all about it from some inside source who took notes for all of these years. He may have been a successful actor, but will his legacy of success follow him? Only time will tell. We want to be a real success and have a legacy of positive success for all time to come!