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I love James Patterson's' books. Some of the book series I've read of his are The Maximum Ride Series, The Alex Cross Series, The Witch and Wizard Series, and The Women's Murder Club Series. I am a huge fan of Sail. I am perfectly well aware that there is no one else in this group. I really do not care one bit. James Patterson is literally  my favorite author of all time. He is great at mystery/crime/suspense books, and his books practically have me on the edge of my seat. I love all the twists and turns, but they are still super easy to understand if you pay attention. He goes into such detail to the point that if feels like you are in the story. The worst part about reading his books is finishing them. James Patterson is definitely my inspiration. If only I could write like he could. I would not waste that raw talent that Patterson is surely full of.


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So right you are. You made an excellent point. Patterson is a phenomenal author.


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Yes, I am so bored that I am having a convo with myself on a messaging board that only I am a part of.


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People, if you are on here ever, please join and/or post. Especially if you love James Patterson.


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Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally forgot the Confessions series. James Patterson, if you ever read this, let me tell you, I am a MAJOR fan!!!!


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Heck, you never know, some day he may read this... Unlikely, but still... Best to be over prepared than under prepared. If you are reading this, I am not weird, I just have too much time on my hands and I got extremely bored. And I do mean extremely bored.


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you're drooling