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I Guess maybe I should start a topic about our novels or novels where there is a bad ass main character? I'd like to nominate

"Aura" from my novel 'The Walking Game' I'd like to think she has all the makings of a badass main heroine smile


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I would say "Selena" from my book "Her Red Lips" as one of them, have too many books to say all tongue Love making Heroines like that, its fun big_smile Somehow makes them more fun to read or write with them in it ^.^


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Yeah that's def for sure! I hate having females be damsels in distress.


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Yeh, those are too outdated -.- they need to stand their own ground and not expect someone to save them, can't read stories like that

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The novel I'm writing is gonna have several kick-ass females. It's in the process of getting written and edited. I hope you guys can take some time to read it once it is ready.

Other than that, I don't know any kick ass female protagonists. Except in video games. :3


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Games always have their fair share of those tongue


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Hi Ghost!

Me again. Read my A Dark Christmas and see what you think of April. She is very brave and has a heart of gold!

Take care