Topic: Unbelievable?

I live at the edge of a national forest that once had prides of mountain lions feeding on deer. The early settlers considered the lions a threat. State statistics say the last one was killed in 1923. Locals disagree. In 2006, a lion started coming to my house at night. I found his footprints in the snow and heard him scream, once from my side yard and twice from a wooded area. As I had lived near a lion habitat in California, I recognized the sound.

     He would park himself near the door to my kitchen and start to purr. The purring vibrated the wall.  At first, I was terrified, but over time I waited for his approach which was preceeded by a strange whistle that You Tube says is a sound the mountain lion makes to comnunicate. I contacted the conservation department whose rangers assured me that no lions remained in the state. My doors and windows were scored with claw marks. These they could not explain. In 2009, a game camera near the edge of town photographed the big cat stalking in darkness. The photo is online.
Many more lions were photographed by cameras statewide. Today, the mountain lion return has been validated. At the time of my big cat's first visits, I might as well have been discussing a visit from Bigfoot. No one believed.