Topic: Welcome to Silvermoon Lounge


Welcome Writers and Readers!

Consider this House, and these forums, a comfortable place to share your work, brainstorm
ideas, and gain constructive criticism.

As a writer, I personally tend to stick to Fantasy and Science Fiction; that's why I chose Fantasy as the "genre" for this House.
But please don't limit yourself to just those, I believe all good authors (as well as readers) dabble in more than one genre.

Feel free to use this topic to introduce yourself, and of course don't hesitate to ask questions or be afraid to post in the forums.
Role-playing is accepted and encouraged!


Re: Welcome to Silvermoon Lounge

Standard Forum Rules

+No spamming, No trolling, No flaming, etc.+

Other than that;
keep those creative vibes flowing, be supportive, and give constructive criticism.