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Hello, everyone, I thought that there would be plenty of chatter amongst the members but to my surprise, there are no posts. Am I in the right place? Or are you all working hard writing the next blockbuster?
I have tried to place the first chapter of my story in this house but now I can not find it. Its called 'Beyond Riches' and I think it might have gone to the wrong house possibly. How can I find out. help please.


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Hi Germanica,
If you click the "Content" tab on the main page of the house yours is the only submission. I'm also a new member, my previous site vanished on me (taking most of my work!) so I'm in the process of re-writing.


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Hey guy. Sorry for the very very late response. I was away (backpacking) in Asia. Returned recently. Please help me to make this house more fun with more members.