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Welcome to all members of the Review Chain, new and old. Feel free to introduce yourself; maybe say a bit about your interests and what you like to read and write if you want. Anything goes.


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Hey there! Im StormSurge, and I only joined in September/17. Im working on a novel as of this post, and I enjoy writing and reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, as well as Realistic Fiction. I love this website so far, as Ive never really had a place to share my writing. So far this is just a hobby, but some day I would like to publish and sell my books. This house is amazing and I love the idea of using Forums in chains. Hope you enjoy writing as much as I do!
Im open to any questions and am online and checking Booksie daily. Have fun!



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Hello! My name is Eva, also known as TheRichAlder. I'm a student and an aspiring writter, I love reading, and I love writting, so much that I go to a Performing Arts School smile

I love fantasy settings in general, but I can read about anything, I have way too many books from way too many styles, but it is still not enogh. I joined Booksie because while I love writting, I have nowhere to show my stories at, no one to really read it, I wanna be part of an writter's community, read other's works and get feedback on mine, I'm sure there is a lot I still have to improve at!

I'm glad to meet everybody and hope to read a lot from you in the future! Of course if you can, please check my work, I'd love to get any sort of feedback.

Best Regards! smile


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Hello my name is David and I love dystopian books. First one I read was Children of men and read the Handmaid's tale. I love the dark and twisted stories and the world building. I also love to read fantasy, honestly anything with a great world and lovable charchters. I am a new and aspiring writer, my fiancee finally talked me into writing all the great stories I had stored in my head. I have not been disapointed, as I love writing as much as I love to read. Thanks


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I should probably introduce myself, I'm Archia. I used to love reading fantasy and though I still love it, I really enjoy reading classics more now. I'll read pretty much anything though except horror, which I'll only read it I have to because I'm a scaredy-cat (when I was 11 I heard a story about bloody Mary and I didn' get over it for 6 years). I'll write pretty much anything I feel like, except horror again of course, but currently I'm attempting to write a novel about  mental illness in a dystopian world. I've re-written the beginning four times so it's definitely a work in progress.
It's so wonderful to see everyone in this house and I hope everyone can have a great time here.


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Hey, I'm Wyn. Which is just a shortened version of my real name. I don't have a particular taste in stories I try to keep myself open to everything. But, I preference fantasy, I guess. I am working on a novel loosely based on my real life, very loosely kinda like those stories you think about while doing nothing at school or work that is more interesting than what you are actually doing. I have many ideas for stories but don't want to overwhelm myself. I think that's a good enough description of me. Other than the fact I like cars and anime.

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I'm Bruvton. I love to write stories, and I hope to publish them sometime. Not all of them, though. I lot of them are... Special. I have a bad work ethic, and I've been considering a variety of careers, writing being the most normal of all of them. I usually read humour, and I do not prefer romance at all. I would probably read anything if I were going to read something unless it was a fanfiction. I find that they are less creative, and I'm usually not a fan of what they're talking about. I have written some fanfictions, but they were all projects that were meant to be based off of books.


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Hello! My name is Grey Taylor. I love reading fantasy and sci-fi although I do like the occasional realistic or historical fiction. I'll honestly read anything except horror because I'm a weenie and start imagining creepy things coming for me when I try to sleep. I love writing because it gives me an outlet for my own life. I just have too many ideas that I want to work on at the same time. It's not the worst problem to have I suppose.

Anyway, I love receiving feedback and reviewing/editing other people's work (editor is one of my future career ideas along with writer, publisher, marine biologist, puppy whisperer, and world traveler).

I look forward to reading your all's stories in the future!


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Hi smile I'm Oleg. I write speculative fiction short stories. They are all interconnected and have recurrent characters and even whole generations. Basically, it's a giant sci-fi saga that (currently) starts on the Earth in the year 1980, and (currently) ends with an open question on the planet Laland 21185 a in the year 5133.

Yes, I'm very nerdy smile Musician (performer and teacher) by profession, my hobbies include theology, philosophy, mythology, history, languages, video games, and raising bunnies! :-))

Some of my favorite books: The Bible, Philokalia, "Great Catechism" (St. Gregory of Nyssa), "Confessions" (St. Augustine), "Gulliver's Travels" (Swift), "Brothers Karamazov" (Dostoevsky), "Orthodoxy" (G.K. Chesterton), "The Citadel" (A.J. Cronin), "Mere Christianity" (C.S. Lewis), and many more.

In the sci-fi world, my main inspirations are C.S. Lewis, again (his "Space Trilogy" is a must!), as well pretty much everything written by Ray Bradbury and Stanislaw Lem smile


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Hey, I'm Sylvermyst I've been a member of the Review Chain House for a while now (I don't know how long). I like to write fiction such as fantasy like werewolves, vampires,etc. and poems about how I feel or about stuff I like. I've written novels, short stories, and poems. I like pokemon( eevee being my favorite), the harry potter series, the mortal instruments series, anime, different types of music, doctor who, the House of Night series, the Inheritance Cycle series, and many more things. I love when I get a comment and read. If you want me to read something just ask, I'd appreciate it if you would read something of mine as well.


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Hey, I'm Linette. I hate this part - introducing myself - but it must be done. I'm a big kid at heart. I love fanasy novels. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase and Gods of Asgard to name a few. I struggle with punctuation and proper grammer, but I persevere and plug away at the novels and short stories I have in progress. I hope one day to make writing my full time job. Ok, so, now that I've given my Eharmony interview, I can't wait to swap reviews.


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Hello everyone I'm A. J. Bluefield. I use to be a member on this site when I was 16 and I loved sharing my stories to the world. The genre I tend to specialize in is that of post-apocalyptic. Something has always intrigued me on how people respond to catastrophe. I've always had stories to tell since a young age and i continue to do so. Some of the books that I love is Metro 2033, The Road, most every Stephen King book, Song of Fire and Ice, and much more. I hope one day to publish and make it big, but we all start small. If you guys come and check out my work and leave a decent review I will do the same.


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Hey all! big_smile I'm Shada and I'm not exactly new, or even new to the review chain. I am, however, new to the review chain house, yaaaaayyy big_smile Hahaha. Lately, I've been hovering around several different houses, joining, then leaving to go to another. I just want to be apart of them allll, haha, but this one house is one I've wanted to join for awhile now, as reviewing is one thing I like to think I'm rather good at. 1000 worded comments... anyone... anyone?? The one thing I'm terrible at commenting on is poems though, since I'm no poet expert, unfortunately. But anyway, I'm actually here to introduce myself big_smile
I am a fantasy writer. I write short stories, novels, occasionally some not very good poems. I've been enjoying the art since high school. Now, that isn't as early as others, but before that, I was a world builder, creating characters, planets. Got over 200. Now, I've used some of those old ideas and characters and turned them into something I am proud to share with the world big_smile I'm hoping to help out my fellow writers, so here I am smile


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Hello. I know my username sounds like that of some nihilistic violence-prone gamer, but I swear, I'm not. It does stand for something, so keep guessing. I joined the house a few days ago, and have been really excited to work with you all. Even though I label myself as a hobby writer, I am probably one of the most serious writers you can find on this site. Although writing isn't the profession I strive for (it's film-making), I do enjoy it as a semi - stress doll, minus the gory implications. In case anyone wants to know, my favorite books are Gravity's Rainbow, Catch-22, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Although I love sci-fi shows and all that crazy shit, I hate reading it, so please don't pester me with copies of "The Final Flight of Rocket-69." I also, for some reason, despise hard fiction, amateur poetry, and half-assed parables with so-called social commentary. Yes, I include all that crazy stuff in my private unreleased work sometimes, but I can't stand reading it, unless it's actually good, such as Lord of the Rings. So, pester me only with your BEST WORK!

And remember kids. The internet is a big place. Stay safe out there.



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HI! My name's Eurie but I'm know as ricky on this site. I'm a Filipino who speaks both Tagalog and English. I'm also a practicing writer and lately I think I'm a bad writer. But that doesn't stop me from improving. I mainly write a bunch of stuff that's in my mind but I do enjoy fantasy and sci-fi and although I hate to admit it, I'm a sucker for love stories. I'm mostly a positive guy when it comes to reading pieces and some might find that annoying so I say my sorry to those. So far my favorite books are: Every star wars legends books, the time machine, Dracula, some Bionicle books, Noli Me Tangere (that one is because of school) and if comics counts then More Than Meets The Eye. For a 14 year-old I sure read a lot of old books haha smile. I'm not a serious person in terms of writing so that might reflect on the reviews. So that's it for me. smile

BTW this is the only place in this website where I said my real name so..........

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Hello. My name is Karyuusei, that is a childhood nickname I grew up with in Japan, you can try and guess my real name by it. I normally spell it in Katakana like カリュウセイ.
I'm pretty bad at English and I try my best when I try to write my stories but I don't let that stop me. Most of the stories I will be mostly writing are Fantasy/Romance novel with some horror mixed in. Each chapter in my novels will be relatively short, mainly because I just think of a scenario and try to write it. Writing is also just a hobby of mine, as well as drawing so all the covers are something I drew randomly. I might add some drawings in my stories to make it similar to a Japanese Light Novel. While I'm talking about LN(Light Novels), I love reading LN and that is why I started writing. My favorite LNs are Clockwork Planet, Fate/Verse, Blade Dance of the Elementalist, Death March Rhapsody, Violet Evergarden (A true masterpiece by Akatsuki Kana) and last but not least The Monogatari Series.

(PS. My name is a combination of my last name and my first name. There is also a reason why it's in Katakana, but that is something I will tell you if you can tell what my real name is ( ´ ω ` )


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Hey guys! I'm GoldenTourmaline. I just wanted to say it's a real pleasure to be a part of this house smile


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Hi! I'm so glad I've found this house. I've always wanted to write, but have always been pretty bad at it, in my own opinion. I've started and abandoned too many short stories, novel ideas, snippets, poems, and more In the past year, however, I've managed to find my inspiration, and would love to get some criticism, suggestions, opinions, and general feedback.


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Hello everyone.  I've been on this site for quite a while.  So far I have written a few short stories and two books.  I am currently working on a 3rd book at the moment.  I actually haven't been writing very long maybe 2 years now.  I tend to write and read fantasy/romance/humor stuff.  All my books at the moment are more on the humorous side with romance added to it.  I have met some awesome people on this site and everyone has been extremely helpful to me.  I know I am not the best writer but I am improving everyday with the help of the people on here.


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Hello! I am creeperarmy100 and I have been writing the book "The Adventures of Melina The Mage" ever since August in 2015-today.
Now in 2017, I joined and posted it onto booksie and now have over 300 reads!
Recently, I have started a new book called "Universe of Simulations" where the main character, Austin, who is 18 years old is sent from earth to Venus to fight a war. Along the way he will be discovering secrets of his crewmates, defending the ship from aliens, and while also having vivid dreams of what seems to be the future. Hopefully, those reading this, can go and check out my books!


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Hello! Blankly here! You can call me whatever you want. I've joined Booksie November 2017 and joined this house a few days later. So far I love it.

I'm a 16 years old, amateur writer. Not the best but, I'll keep on trying. I just want to create a new world where everyone can go and escape from reality lol. Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Horror I can read anything, especially those that are anime based. Speaking of which, I'm a freakin' huge anime lover and most of my works are probably based on anime. I also got a very negative outlook towards myself and lack self confidence! My ego is also so deep it cannot be filled Hahaha. Anyways! I hope I can make lots of friends here!

You can check out my works if you want. Any review left are very much appreciated, both for helping me improve and boosting my ego...lols! smile


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I thought I introduced myself here, but I don't see my post. So I'll do it again! (or the first time, rather) Uhh hi! I'm not new here, but I haven't been active until recently. I've been on a spree of randomly picking people's work and reading while providing feedback. I have learned a ton not just from my mistakes, but from others, and from what they do well.

To briefly tell you a little bit about myself, I love sushi, Korean BBQ, mountain climbing, working out, video games, anything that has to do with creative things such as music composition, motion graphics, special affects, drawing, and of course, writing.

I am open to feedback requests. I know how hard it can be for some people to get the ball of reviews rolling, especially when you're new. So, please don't hesitate to ask if you need feedback on something. I'd be happy to look over your stuff and put my skills to the test.



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Hello everyone! I am Sharzdah and I've been on this great site since the summer. I'm in the process of (finally trying) to complete two historical fiction stories-- Behind the Music and The Lovely Miss Caroline. 

(And @CheyJade: I know exactly what you mean about abandoning stories.)

I generally like to read and write historical nonfiction/fiction, crime/suspense and humor. My work is usually on the extremely long side, but I have been trying to do some short stories. 

I am open to feedback and reading requests. My goal is to (attempt) to comment on the stories I read (a little ambitious, but I have faith). I am admittedly not very good on providing detailed, constructive criticism (I tend to just give short comments), but I'm definitely working on it.



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Oi! I'm Crazygirl. I've been here since April of last year, pretty much because I was only 12 and couldn't become a member of Wattpad. But, I found Booksie and it is way better! Anyway, I've been writing for as long as I can remember, even before I learned how to read. Along with writing, I am also an artist, still learning (paints, sketch), I also play viola, piano, and guitar, I'm an aspiring archer, as well as singer, dancer, and actress, and, a partridge in a pear tree. Anyway, when it comes to writing, I have recently been doing more poems than anything else, mostly because I've been going through some things mentally. I am also looking to publish one of my books this year, hopefully I'll succeed, so far, things are lookin good!

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Hello (and welcome?) NotSoCrazyGirl =] I would like to say I'll look at your work, but I do not do poetry =[ hope you find talented poets to exchange stuff with and learn from. Also hello Sharzdah, hope you improve on the constructive feedback and be as detailed as possible. Your writers will very much appreciate it. Good luck!