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Greetings fellow dwellers in the realm of fantasy,

You're all invited to write a few words about yourself and be crowned as knights haha big_smile Our purpose is to create a wonderful community where we all know each other, so feel free to step in and say something about yourself or anything you like in particular. Also, upload some of your stuff so we can share the love of fantasy together.

I hope that you'll love it here and I am sincerely looking forward to meeting all of you.

Kindest regards,
B. I. Smith


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Hello, B.I. Smith and everyone else who reads this.

I suppose I'll be the first one to do the introductions. My name is Frostedge, and I've been actively writing as a hobby for a year-and-a-half now, making me a real newbie. My favourite genre to write in is, you may have guessed, fantasy. The reason why I love the genre is because everything is up to the author, which grants them a great deal of freedom and allows them to just start from scratch.

Anyway, I've said my piece. I hope we'll be getting along in the time we spend together here.



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Hello there B. I. Smith!

I am not good at introductions, so I'll just say that my name is Grotty (but you probably already knew that).I am an inspiring, 13 year old fantasy writer, currently in the process of writing a story (already released a couple of chapters). Hopefully the community here is good and friendly. I look forward to my stay Booksie and this house!


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Hello! My name's Keith and I've been writing poems, stories and songs for years as a hobby. I love reading and writing fantasy most of all, because it lets us explore places we'd never get to go otherwise! I'm working on a few projects, but my front-and-center one is a fantasy book in progress called The Keeping of the Light. I've fallen in love with these characters and writing about them is always a blast. I look forward to reading work from all of you. Cheers! - Keith


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Greetings, everyone. It's great to meet you all! I'm new here, so apologies if I'm not completely sure how this site is run. 0.0 From what I've seen, people share their stories in houses and give feedback. If that's the case, I'm working on a new book called Demon Hunters. I know I haven't published much, but I'd appreciate feedback. Brutal honesty if fine with me, to those of you who want to critique without unintentionally hurting writers. I should have the second and third chapters published by next week, so review if whenever its convenient. Thanks a bunch! I look forward to reading all of your stories!


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Hey everyone!

My name is Eanna and I have been writing for about 6 years now. My main love was and still is poetry (dark poetry and nature poetry are my favourite sub-genres). However, four years ago I started writing a novel called Erimish - which admittedly has taken a back seat to my degree - and am determined to carry on with it. So far I have 10,000 words written and a fully edited first two chapters which are already uploaded. I love people's critical opinoin as well as lovely positive ones so a good healthy mix is best for me. I look forward to meeting you all and reading your work. big_smile

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Re: Welcome, fellow fantasy lovers

Hi there!
I don't use my actual name, it's Ella! I LOVE to write and go to the bookstore! I really want to be an author, and I will be writing fantasy. (Because it's the BEST!!!) I'm nowhere near done with the first chapter in the book I'll be posting, so it may be a little while! But I still do love reading everyone else's awesome books!!


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Hello my name is David, you can call me David or Davevito, i dont care either way.  i only started writing as a hobby in october, never done much reading or writing before then but since ive already nearly finished my first novel. i know quick but i still have a ton of revising to do. im just referring to getting the main storyline finished. i can take any kind of criticism as long as you arent just flaming me or flat out being rude, i can tell the difference.

enough of that lol, im 27 and i live in california. i enjoy writing fantasy, playing video games, watching tv shows, watching movies and anime. im not too good at introductions but if you want to know anything about me, just ask, i will very likely tell you just about anything hahaha. nice to meet you all and i hope to read some good works from you all soon.


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Hey, you guys can just call me 'Mal'. This house seems quite nice and I look forward to being able to meet other like-minded people (yes fantasy is my favourite genre! That goes without saying).
I draw my inspiration from fantasy novels, TV shows, games and anime alike. I'm just going to reiterate on what Frostedge said, the reason I love fantasy so much is largely due to the limitless possibilities and the scope it allows for being inventive.

To be honest with you guys I'm not looking to be published, I write because I enjoy doing it I guess. Having already completed 3 novels, I'm now working on 'The Chimera'.


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Hey there! My name is Jordan, although I go by Beta or Gamma a lot. I started writing stories during school, but then life happened and now I'm finally getting back to a somewhat normal life so I figured I would come back to Booksie and see what's shaking. I enjoy music of all types, fantasy books, games, adventure trips, and anime. I hope to have many great talks with all of you!


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Hello all,

I've just taken up writing as a passion recently. Before that I had been avidly pursuing my career in history. As that has become somewhat more stable I am able to spend more time pursuing this hobby. In terms of fantasy I used to read a lot of R.A Salvatore as a kid and have recently enjoyed reading novels by Patrick Rothfuss. I, myself, tend to write Eastern Fantasy. I would love it if any of you went to my profile and read my works. I have no pride in them and only seek to improve my writing skills. As such, harsh edits are more than welcome. Nice to meet you all and I look forward to reading everyone's work.



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So here I've been evading the introductory post...

My handle here is shortened from Brimstone Vomit, but you're better off calling me Dan. I'm a 30-year-old manchild, lover of fantasy, tabletop RPGs and video games. I've dabbled in writing since a teenager and earned some admiration at the time, though retrospect shows just how amateurish I was. Now, without further schooling and guidance in creative writing, my amateur skills coupled with an adult mind are hem-hawing away. I'm anything but prolific, but what I finish I strive to make as affecting and enjoyable as possible.

With that, I say "Salutations!" and wish my fellow writers well.
- Dan

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Re: Welcome, fellow fantasy lovers

Hello fantasy lovers!
I'm Mel. I've been a writer most of my life and grew up to fall in love with the fantasy genre. I'm currently a teacher (looking longingly at the few days left until summer break) of all grades but mostly high school. I've recently finished a novel I've been working on for a few years. I've only done one complete edit (not counting the hundreds of other shorter ones along the way) , and I know more is necessary. It's something that means a lot to me, and I only want to make it better. I've been to other writing communities before, but I'm truly falling in love with this one. I love being among many aspiring writers of all ages. I can't wait to read your work. Come summer, my free time will be dedicated to reading.

ps. Brimmy: My husband and I are lovers and collectors of table tops too. Our bookshelves are stocked full. smile


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What's to say?  I love fantasy, both reading and writing.  My fav author is most likely Heinlien - he's my "goto" when I can't find something to read.  I've read his work enough times by all rights I should have parts memorized (probably do ...)


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Hey there everyone! Big surprise: I like fantasy a whole lot. So much so that I started my own fantasy adventure novel called "The Desert Towns of Felorjia". Apart from the fantasy aspects of it, there's also some bits of action, sci-fi, and even western in it. If that sounds interesting even in the slightest, go ahead and check it out. there are thirteen chapters currently available, and I'll be updating it daily until I run out of chapters to add. Okay, shameless self-promotion complete. Have a great day!


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Hello fellow humans~ Nutsu here. I'm a big fan of every kind of writing but to be fair fantasy and sci-fi always got my attention more than any other genre.
I've started to write novels a few years ago but i never really shared any one those writing for me is just a thing i do to relax and kill time, i love to read what oter people create and give my opinion on it, so please if you have something interesting you can ask me for to give my opinion, also if any kind soul here have some free time i would really apreciate if you could give a piece of advice on the novel i'm writing, I don't know for sure if the way I write is good or bad. So please i would really apreciate some critics on it, I may do it as a hobbie, but i want to improve more than anything.


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Hey everyone! I'm a little new to this sight and just discovering houses, but I look forward to giving helpful feedback and reading your stories! I'm working on a novel myself, The God Stone, so any help is greatly appreciated! I have read all kinds of work, but fantasy has stolen my heart. My favorite series of all time is Terry Goodkinds sword of truth but that collections shares a large shelf with a lot of authors. I look foward to being part of the group with everyone smile


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Hey, I'm Paddy, 20 years old. In the process of writing and publishing a book called Starchild. Love series such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Weirdstone of Brisingamen etc. Think looking at fantasy maps is epic and spend time creating my own authentic looking maps for my stories.


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Hi! My name is Septmeber and I live in England although I spend most of my time living in my favourite fantasy realm- Fairyland!

BTW if you are lookingfor a really cute fairytale, you have come to totally the wrong place because mine can also fit into the horror and teen fiction categories lol

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Re: Welcome, fellow fantasy lovers

hey everyone!
Just a 24 year old Student from the Netherlands studying the English language and trying to put my imagination down on paper.

I would love to read all your work and would love for all of you to read mine. I am very curious to know if my writing is very good so feel free to comment or post feedback to any of my work. If I see any feedback I will kindly return the favor and read something of yours. With the accompanied piece of my mind posted as a review of course!


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Re: Welcome, fellow fantasy lovers

Hello, my name is phony tales.
I started writing when I was a teen but had to stop for some time. Now I'm in my mid-twentees and decided to write again. Fantasy is my genre as it gives so much freedom and chance for creativity. I also plan to write horror or mystery in the future but, for now, I'm sticking with fantasy. Please check out my book: Change The Past and leave a comment if you have the time!
Thank you ^^


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Hello guys, I am a 19 year old student whose passion had always been on books and novels, especislly when it is about fantasy. Grabbed my pen and started writing about two years ago, but hadn't been seriously writing until about a few months before. Really glad to have joined this house of like minded people! If anyone have some time, feel free to check out one of my novels, The Knight of Chimera!


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Hi guys,

I, as some others have also said about themselves already, am pretty bad at introductions, so exsqueeze the weirdness and the stupid puns.
I mostly write fantasy (thx Capt'n Obvious) and always have a couple of projects going, only one of which I am currently posting (mostly for reasons of crappiness). I'm not going to write my name here, since it'll be to your left when you're reading this. 
I probably won't post very regularly in the next few months, since I'm in my final year of highschool (Luxembourg has one year of highschool more than America and most other countries - ugh!).
I also, as some others have also already said about themselves, appreciate brutal honesty in the comments, as long as its constructive, so feel free to rub my face in the dirt smile


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I am just like the others here. Bad at introduction *cough, cough*. Anyways, I am Zerocrane(the name of the main character in my novel). I started writing last december 2015 but after a month i somehow ditched my novel. 1 year after, on december 2016, i started writing again. This time i recycled my ideas on my first novel and made it better(hopefully). I am very inexperienced and a total newbie when it comes to writing. Add to that i am not a native english speaker so my vocabulary is limited. You can tell by the lack of descriptive writing that i suck at describing things xD.

My specialty is probably character dialogues. I love writing character dialogues. Anyways, My name is Zerocrane and, my one and only novel's name is, "Final Frontier". I plan on making Final Frontier a big continous novel that has many different worlds in one single universe tied together in different Final Frontier Novels. For now I am focused on my very first Final Frontier novel which will explain the origins of Final Frontier's Universe.



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Hello everyone, my name is Carl. I have been in love with fantasy since I was about 10 years old and my uncle introduced me to the Dragonlance Series. Since then I have devoured everything from David Gemmell's Rigante to The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. I have loved to write from a very young age, though I have rarely taken the time to do so as I am somewhat of a perfectionist. It is difficult to read masterful fantasy works and think "How could I ever write something like this?" I love to write mostly because I love to create, and writing is a fantastic way to explore another world and the way it reacts. I love writing and reading stories of redemption and betrayal, love and hurt. Writing and reading can invoke so much feeling, and that is something that I absolutely love about it.
I recently decided to try and write for fun and see where it goes. I am currently working on a book called Son of Spring. I hope to regularly update the story, and would really appreciate feedback! Give me some feedback and I will give you some back. Have fun in worlds of your own creation and remember, "Not all who wander are lost"!