Topic: Just joined

Hi, I have just joined, I'm a guy writing in all genre and have started reading romance novels to get a feel.

I have got an idea forming I'll run it pass the house to test the water as they say.

So, Richard has an art gallery in London that is in decline. Maggie runs an antique bookshop also not doing too well. At the local traders monthly committee meeting Richard suggests to Maggie that she sells her shop and move into Richards shop combining the two businesses. This is when they start to feel something for each other but no-one is making the first move. Then Richard is invited to attend a prestigious exhibition at the uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy and at the same time Maggie receives and invite to attend the Florence Book Fair to give a talk to over 70 authors. So, both Richard and Maggie get friends to look after the shop while Richard and Maggie set off to Italy.