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This is a topic that will be used to list useful sites for writers, everything from articles to writing aids.
If you add a writing aid indicate if it is free, costs or has both options.  If it costs please let us know how much.
Please do not post replies just to say how useful you find this information because that will just make this topic bigger and harder for somebody looking for information.
If you disregard my request I will delete your reply and tell Frank you touched his tomatoes

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Writer tools
http://www.writingexcuses.com/2017/07/2 … r-writers/
an article listing a bunch of useful tools (I haven't checked all of them out)
helps you map out your story and can be shared with others so is probably a great tool for collaborations (I don't know if it has a pay feature)
does the same thing as bubbl and only need a Google account to sign up.
this is like Word and Grammarly on steroids as far as I'm concerned.  (I use all three; Word, Grammarly and this.)  This does have pay option with more features, but since I'm too cheap to pay for it that is all I know.
I have not tried this, but if it works like advertised it will be a great benefit to those writers that don't understand about breaking a story into paragraphs.
this checks your grammar and it works with Word and Google Chrome so you don't misspell a simple word in a posting or an e-mail.  (I'm not sure if this has a pay feature, but it does work great as a free app.)


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The following are articles that deal with copyright laws, but I advise you do your own research on this subject beyond these articles because they may be out of date and also each countries laws are different so what is true in the USA isn't going to apply in most other places (until we take over the world that is big_smile)

https://www.forbes.com/sites/oliverherz … 906e822303
https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/copy … cial-media


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The following is a bunch of random generators, which can be used for anything from generating a name to a writing prompt.
I have tried only a few of these since most have a lot of features, but what I have tried worked great except the picture prompt feature that only produced one picture I considered worthy of a story out of twenty tries.

http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-im … erator.php


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This is not an ad for ProWritingAid, it was just B Doouglas Slack’s response to seeing me mention it containing a lot of useful information in it.  I quote him here because of the fact that it does contain information about a writing tool.

B Douglas Slack wrote:

I use ProWritingAid exclusively for editing. I've the pay version and love it. When you consider the amount of grammar and other checks it does, you'll appreciate the pay version. One of the features the paid version has is an editable list of "words you want to eliminate from your text". You enter words into the list and the writing aid will flag them for you to check. You can add any word you want to the list--mine has around twenty of them. Words I use without thinking. "That" comes to mind.


At this point asked about its ability to suggest word replacements for words on your “words you want to eliminate from your text” list and here is his response which again contains useful information about a writing tool.

B Douglas Slack wrote:

You can right-click on ANY word and use the Thesaurus function to find other words. There is no 'replace' function in the list I know of. However, there is a "use this instead" function, but I've not explored how it works. There is a great deal of Help online when you want to change any settings for the editor.

I use the desktop version extensively on both my home and laptop computers. There is a problem, though. If you are out with your laptop and not connected to the Internet, your settings won't be used because the application cannot download your preferences. ProWritingAid is work on fixing it.


I thanked Bill when he originally posted this information, but I want to thank him again for sharing the information he did on a useful writing tool.

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Looking for that perfect cover and don’t want to pay big money to have it made.  Below are two items that may with a little effort allow you to make a cover yourself.

Pixabay.com only has non-copyrighted pictures, the selection is limited when doing a search especially for certain things, but they are free to use with no copyright on them.

Krita is free software that does just about all that Photoshop does.  I have used both and would prefer Photoshop to be honest but being cheap I use Krita.  I am still learning it, but it so far has done most of what I wanted it to do with only a little hassle.


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The following was posted in the forums, but I am also posting it here.

RomanBoukreev wrote:

I use this rhyme generator for rhymes/ lyrics. For me, it's pretty good one. smile
However, you can see some weird words out of it.

I checked the site out a little and it seems like a great tool, but RomanBoukreev already said that just wanted to add my endorsement to it.


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The following are lists of contests for writers.  I haven’t had the time to check them all out, so I advise before sending money investigate them a little.