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If you're looking to have your work edited, give some information about it here, including the genre (if it has one), a synopsis, and what edits you'd like on it.
Types of edits:
- Copyediting (check for grammar/spelling errors, consistency, punctuation)
- Stylistic* (smoothing out language [cliches, jargon, etc], polishing style, line editing, clarity, dialogue reworking)
- Substantial*~ (heavy editing in structure, flow, etc.)

If you're looking to edit any posted works, please contact the user directly and set something up. If someone is taking on your editing project, please make note in your post. Having more than one editor at one time (who are not working in collabotation) won't be beneficial to your proejct.

*=includes copyediting
~=includes stylistic editing


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This is basically the same topic as critiquing topic.


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creeperarmy100 wrote:

This is basically the same topic as critiquing topic.

Editing and critiquing aren't the same, Love. If I were to edit a piece, I wouldn't use Booksie as a platform to do it, whereas critiquing can be done pretty easily through the comment section or a PM.


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I want to edit it as good as I possibly can first, then I want help afterwards. So, I want to wait a bit

The work in question is IGSFA's hero. I have uploaded a bit more than 2/3 of it. It's a fantasy. A kind of mix between High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy.

The book is set in the world called IGSFA. It's a world that has the same technology level as our own (in ca year 1050). And in the world, everyone has power, heritage from their parents. The power affects the appearance greatly.  The book is a parallel story. In one story, the Royal family of Fire finds a Moss orphan. He becomes the helper of the youngest princess. It seems idyllic, but soon an event happens that makes the family travel into the area of the Nomads. The other parallel story is about a boy and a girl who meet in the rain. One doesn't want to be a blacksmith and one does not want to be married to a stranger.they decide to run away. What will happen to them on their escape?