Topic: RULES

1. Be nice! Do we really need to tell you not to attack others, say unnecessarily rude things, or engage in nasty arguments?

2. Be constructive! This forum is based in the idea of writing a lot, very quickly. As such, many writers won't go through any editing process before entering their submissions to the challenges here. Keep that in mind, and any responses to the writings submitted here must be constructive in tone. That's not to say you can't point out glaring plot errors, but there's no need to do it in a nasty manner.

3. Be decent! No graphically explicit sex (go to BooksieSilk for that). No hate-filled propaganda. If you disagree with someone's content let a moderator know, not the author. We'll review it, and if it violates any rules we will take action. However, every person has different opinions, and just because you believe that cherry limeade is an abomination and that God demands that we only drink pure lemonade doesn't mean that a story about a cherry limeade stand will be taken down.

Just be courteous to each other. We hope that everyone is adult enough to read these rules and think to themselves, 'Of course, this is just obvious.' Keep in mind that instigating and poking at someone enough to cause them to break a rule is just as bad as breaking the rule yourself. Disagree. Debate. But do so in a civilized manner.



Simple enough. Of course, if anyone has any issues, ideas or things they want to talk about the house, you can talk to either CheyJade, or one of the moderators. (At the moment, we plan to have T.E. Jackson, and myself as the moderators.)