Topic: Challenge Rules and Expectations v. 2.0

We've recently restructured our challenges, so the old thread will be archived. Here's the new version:

The idea of these writing challenges is to write a poem, story, novella, or novel in a specific set amount of time. You do not do any advance planning for the story outside of your own head: the first thing you type should be the beginning of your story (or an outline, as you prefer) during the challenge time slot you choose. Foregoing the usual editing process of reading and re-reading and re-re-re-reading each paragraph or chapter to make tiny adjustments as you go, you just write.

Simply post that you'll be participating in the challenge just before you begin, and then when you're finished, post a link along with your final word count in the relevant thread. Every challenge posted from here on out will be left up indefinitely, able to be participated in at any point.

If you decide to write whenever, or you can't make the deadline you've shot for, classify your work as free-form. Make sure you post in the description which challenge your story was written for (I.E.: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Free-form).

If you choose to write a poem, you can class it under any time-frame you like, ignoring word count expectations.

You can post your story/novel in multiple chapters if you prefer. You can post all the chapters at once when you're finished, or post them along the way as you progress through the challenge.

Daily challenges will run from the moment you start writing until exactly 24 hours later. Best accomplished on a day off, some writers choose to undertake this challenge on days when they have other obligations. Challenge yourself by finishing in as short a time as possible, or take all day and refine your masterpiece as you like!

Each weekly challenge will start at 12:00 am on any day you choose. Follow the same rules as for the Daily challenges, of course going for a week instead of a day.

This challenge is for those wishing to write a novella (between 20,000 and 50,000 words*) or novel (between 70,000 and 120,000 words*). We recommend starting your project on the 1st of any given month, and following the NaNoWriMa rules, as this House was initially begun to help prep for the NaNoWriMa challenge. You can find the rules here: https://nanowrimo.org/

The rules for each contest will be posted in the contest thread, including time-frames.

*these numbers are vauge and nebulous traditionally, as they vary from publisher to publisher and from story to story. Here's an article that helped me understand a bit better:
http://www.differencebetween.net/langua … d-novella/

These are the expectations for each type of challenge:

Daily Challenge:  1500 words and up (Short Story)
Weekly Challenge:  5,000 words and up (Novellette)
Monthly Challenge:  20,000 words and up. (Novella/Novel)
Open-Ended Challenge: Write any length, any type (novel, poem, essay, journal entries, etc.), and take however long you need.

Necro-posting is encouraged! If you browse through several months worth of prompts before finding one you like, please, ressurect the thread and post a story! Doing so will probably bring the prompt to the attention of newer members, so I can't think of any reason NOT to do it.


Re: Challenge Rules and Expectations v. 2.0

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