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Ja, und I hope to meet you too, fraulein! Actually, I'm gonna use German now.
Es tut mir sehr leid, wenn mein Deutsch schlecht ist. Ich habe nur ein paar Wörter kopiert, die ich bereits kannte, und dann wurde der Rest von Google übersetzt. Verdammt, Google!
Damn, that was horrible German.
I have a question. When you've worked on a story for about a month, and you've been editing and editing, and liking it more and more, but at the very end decide you hate it, do you still post? Because I started out with some very good intentions, and ended up with... well, what do you think? I need a good answer, because, well, I have some other short stories I want to get started on. Please help?

Auf Wiedersehen, und Dankeschön!

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Re: House of Ghosts - Discussions!

Only post a story that you love! smile It'll show if you stop caring about it!


Re: House of Ghosts - Discussions!

Danke, Frau!
Sure will. I edited my story to the point where... well.. now, I love it. I'm proud. Please check it out, I spent three months planning, typing, and editing it, and I had the idea since first watching the Twilight Zone. It's pretty self-explanatory. Aliens. Gods. Conservatives. Unfortunately, no Communist main characters. Some psycho-tension, religious shit, and then, oh yeah, some suicides, but not the kind where you're squealing "MOM I'M GOING TO SLIT MY WRISTS --- " Oh, no! I don't torture my characters. I give them honor. Awesome honor.
Rest assured, this is my most obvious piece. Kill kill kill, no, not exactly, but definitely some pseudo-religious-scientific-crap in there. And your eyes will be widened near the end, when the fat guy's explaining where he got his powers and how the hell he --- well, you'll see.
Story is "Every Good Thing That Comes To You." To fans of Emerson, yes, that is a quote from the great poet himself. Another one from Nietzsche, for good measure. Who knows when that'll come in handy. Maybe when he's explaining the black portal in his closet?
Who knows?