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If you want to further challenge yourself with any writing prompt that catches your eye, apply one (or more, hey, I'm not the boss of you) of the following restrictions to your story. Let us know in the prompt thread when you post your story if you added something, and what it was.

When adding one of these restrictions onto your story, roll a six-sided die and use the result. Or just pick whatever tickles your fancy!

1. Write your story with the most overblown, cliche, terrible writing you can imagine. Try to use analogies that make your teeth itch, character descriptions that make your eyes water, dialogue that no sane person would actually use in any real or imagined situation, and a plot that gives you a headache! Be a terrible writer - you want your readers face-palming and rolling their eyes.

2. Go with a Sci-fi theme, with laser guns and crazy aliens or superpowers conferred by genetic manipulation, radiation, or evolution. Space force! World-wide government, whether evil or benevolent! Warp drives! Lightsabers!

3. Do fantasy, with all the overdone tropes such as brutish dwarves, arrogant elves, barefoot halflings, and humans who are illogically kinda in charge. Magic! Ancient Gods! Psionic Spirit Blades!

4. Try Fan-fiction for any book, movie, game, anime, or etc.

5. Write the story with an overly romantic subplot. Feel free to write it as well as you can, or to use all the old bodice-ripper cliches! Keep it in Booksie's PG-13 rating, of course.

6. A series of journal entries or blog posts comprise the entire story. You could also make it in the form of a thread posted on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or a fake social media platform that you create for your story. Maybe actually post it to your social media account and post it here on Booksie as a series of images...


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What does everyone think of these? Do you like the idea, but hate the six specific restrictions? Do you want a wider selection? Do you just hate the whole idea all together?


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I love the idea, but I only love some of the restrictions. The ones I like are the 1st, 3rd and 6th (I could see the 5th being perfectly fine, I'm just not that into romance stories as much, but for others I could totally see it being used).

Maybe have specific types of restrictions? Such as a section for genre restrictions, which could include the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, plot restrictions which would include the 1st and 5th, and style restrictions which would be the 6th, then people could mix and match restrictions of each of the different categories if they want a greater challenge. Just an idea, don't know if it'll work and you don't have to do it if you don't want to.


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I know I haven't been overly active in the house, haha, but I thought I'd offer my opinion. Sorry in advance, because my opinion usually gets quite long. Anyway, I personally find the restrictions a bit narrow, too specific, in a way, which, yes, does limit what you can do, but maybe a little too much. I feel it doesn't allow writers to let out their full potential with their piece they may write. Like, maybe it's how you've worded it when listing them or something, but I feel with giving restrictions, maybe less is more. Like, say, with number three. You practically listed a whole heap of stuff, leaving me a little confuses as to whether you expect us to include all that stuff in our piece if we were to choose that restriction. With listing two categories, basically two genres, number 2 and 3, you may as well have a restriction for every genre there is. I guess the idea is to make it overly fantasy or overly sci-fi, but I think, number 1 sounds great, number 4 seems kind of normal. Some people prefer to write fan fiction over their own, original stories. 5 is alright too big_smile 6 is interesting and could work. People could do some quite interesting things with that. I guess, the one thing I worry about this whole thing, is limiting people a bit too much, or not limiting them enough. It's finding that perfect balance between the two. It's great to be challenged, and I ABSOLUTELY love a challenge, but vague or not vague enough has me a little concerned about how I would even try writing a piece like number 2 and 3 suggest. I'm a huge fantasy, sci-fi writer, so maybe that has something to do with my concerns. I love the fantasy world. I have my own worlds I love to play around with. There is just so much to do with it, but overall, I do think the idea is good, but most of it isn't what I personally look for in a challenge. The romance one I would probably try, since I do need to challenge myself in other genres, but I'm not a fan of journal entries, Cliche would be a fun one to try and cringe at, but not something I'd really put my time into writing. And fan-fiction, well, I just can't write a story with someone else's characters when I've got so many of my own I could use. So overall, like I said, the idea is good, and some of the restrictions, I can sorta see myself doing, but I have a little bit of a different outlook on this, I guess. Anyway, sorry for the ranting. Halfway through, I kinda felt like I shouldn't really post this, but my intentions are good. I just kind of wanted to offer my thoughts to maybe help? if you consider this helpful.


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Thanks for the feedback! Never feel unsure about letting me know what you think, Shada - I'm running this house for you guys, so if you aren't into it, I need to be made aware of the fact.

The idea was to drag people out of their comfort zone. You read one of the prompts, it gives you an idea, and then you come over here and randomly pick one challenge off this list. Then you're now writing that story about the janitor in the insane asylum... but as a romance.

Also, doing it that way might help you grow as a writer. If you, Shadow, roll a die and find that you're now writing romance, you might get better at it. I know when my story took me back to when my main characters went on their first date and got all lovey with each other, I was VERY unsure of how to proceed. But I forced myself to do it, and apparently it turned out okay, ,so... smile

I'll work on changing this up sometime soon. If anyone has any more feedback, please: let me know! Also, any suggestions. I like Shadow's idea for a genre list, a content list, a subplot list, etc., so gimme ideas.