Topic: Playing With The Chosen Many Idea?

I have a story that contains an element that I’m thinking of using but I don’t know if it’s considered a good or bad one. I’ve been thinking of playing with the chosen many trope that’s often found in many fantasy stories. In one of my stories, there is a country that exists in the world that has some kind of hidden magic beneath it. And in the story, there is a war going on between all of the countries in the world between every species, from humans to dragons to elves and so on. Luckily, seven heroes have emerged to put an end to the war and bring peace to the world. They were able to do this because they were chosen by the mysterious magical force within the new country. By granting the heroes these gifts, there were able to accomplish many feats that were thought to be impossible, gained new abilities, and bring the whole world together. This is where the playing with part comes in.

Several years pass and only a few of the original chosen remain alive, either dying of old age, natural causes, or anything else. One of the few chosen that is still alive decides to make the most of what life they had left. So they formed their own organization, created for the purpose of studying the magic and why it works. But they also wanted to figure out who would be the next set of chosen heroes. The remaining member formed their own chosen warriors. They put a task force together made up of the strongest warriors on Earth in order to serve the organization and ensure peace in the world. But in actuality, the remaining member put together the world’s best fighters to see who would be the next set of chosen ones, and they’ll do some questionable things to find out who they are. Such as deserting an agent if they turned out to be unworthy or sending them on suicide missions to test their potential.

I thought this could be an interesting take on the chosen many idea, by having one of the original heroes put together a group of their own to try and sort out who would be the next generation of heroes. Or has this been done before? What do you think of this idea?


Re: Playing With The Chosen Many Idea?

In reality, every idea we can think of has already been done.
But do not lose faith, it is the unique way that we can tell these familiar premises that makes them original and breathes fresh life into them.

So write your tale and tell it in your own words and do not worry if it has been done before. it may have (I cannot for certain say yes or no to that question) but with your unique spin on it, it will have your stamp on.

good luck with your writing.