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-No random posts! This is an introduction page so that people can easily see stuff about other members of the group!
-Just because nobody comments on here doesn't mean we aren't EXCITED to meet you! If you ever wanna talk about anything with anyone head to the main 'House of Ghosts' forum!
-Be positive! You don't have to tell us everything about yourself but the more you put the better of an understanding we have of what an AWESOME person you are! smile

I thought I would create a nice wee thread for all the members, old and new, to introduce themselves properly. Nothing crazy in depth and personal, like, I don't need to know your blood type or shoe size, you know what I mean? Anyway, I just thought it would be a good idea to have a sort of go to place to introduce yourself and learn things about fellow members. Kind of like Facebook creeping except all the participants are totally aware of it. I'll get the ball rolling.

So, I'm Craig, obviously, and my favorite pastimes are sitting around playing games, sitting around watching tv, generally just a lot of sitting around. Unfortunately I work full time so I have to spend a lot of my time sitting around listening to people who have locked themselves out of their windows account (I'm an IT apprentice).

As mentioned above I'm a big gamer especially RPG's such as Final Fantasy, dragon Quest, Witcher etc. I'm also the self proclaimed King of Anime, you name it and I have probably seen it. Like I said, I sit around a lot. I'm totally interested in maybe making some threads for discussing games and anime at a later date for those who are interested in that kind of stuff. I want this house to a be a really good hub of activity where everyone can share their view on everything, not just strictly booksie stuff.

In saying that though, everyone should totally check out the thread for Ghosts's W.I.C.K.E.D event, its shaping up to super cool and I reckon those who stick with the house for the long term are going to be able to take part of a whole bunch of crazy events. Ghost is always planning something lol.

As you may have noticed I like to joke around a lot, so if I start overusing a joke and milking it to death, please feel free to stop me xD

And there you have it, sort of rambled a bit and talked about things not strictly relevant to this topic but hey-ho, I'm Scottish so I can do what I want.

Feel free to post a little about yourself, engage in conversation, have fun, laugh etc etc.


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Nice smile Now enough about you, let's talk about me smile Na just joking, who cares about me. I just like the saying you use. Milking things to death. Mine is pineapples and mustard, from a time obsessed with pineapples and a guy who loves to eat it with mustard.
Okay, my name is ShadaStorm. You can call me Shada, Storm, or even Shady as some people call me. I like dragons, dragons, dragons, fantasy, and dragons who are small, cute and red, with blue eyes called Ember, who may or may not be a guy. I also like fire girls, who are plain awesome, and psychopathic characters who only love purple and green. These are all characters from my story, and the fire element is the best other than magic smile This is me, now enough about me. I'm sure many other people have things to talk about wink


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I'm Tyler, but call me Ty, Gorgon, Draco, or Tyrannosaur. Only people I can trust on social media can call me Tyler. I'm 16, straight, and single, so if any girls want dibs, make your move. I love anime/manga, pokemon, dragon drive, jurassic world, godzilla, reading, writing, country music, girls wearing bikinis, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, and dinosaurs. I hate rap, heavy metal, rock, naked people pictures, and frogs.


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I have no idea what the conversation has changed to, but I'm just going to do as the topic says. On the internet I follow by a couple of names which is mainly ShadowLight, but on Booksie my name is Vayn (you can call me ShadowLight, Vayn, Shadow, or Light.) I love writing, sometimes I spend multiple hours a day just sitting down and writing, I also enjoy gaming and watching movies, although the thing I probably enjoy more than anything is helping people out, and afterwards all I ask for is a smile or thank you, I like seeing people happy, so yeah, if you need help with anything I would be glad you help out. And just as a side note, I love dragons, and almost anything related to mythological creatures, I am also fascinated with the supernatural, including ghosts, and I also like the mysterious, things that people don't yet understand.


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Guess I can step into the fray...  I'm Marcus, but the only ones that ever called me that were my mother and my ex, and the last time was a lonnnggggg time ago.  'Marc' is fine.   Or 'MB' as that's the name I write under.  I am also IT, tho' I'm an old hand at it and thinking about retiring (YAY).  I've always liked video games since ... well, since forever I suppose.  Currently I'm working with online MMORPGs via my PC... they're good at killing time if nothing else wink  But mostly I live vicariously through my characters.   

I suppose that's pretty much me.

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Hi! I might as well get in this action as well.
Well, I'm Daydream but you can call me Amanda (since it is my real name). I like everything from RPG horror games to chocolate. I love to read and write. You might as well know that I'm dark as can be, like I can kill off characters and have no shame in it but I'm no emo or goth, I'm actually pretty nice once you get to know me. I like villains more than heros cause they get to have all the fun. I'm a big Batman fan but also a huge Joker fan (along with Harley Quinn). I love Netflix and cats. I also like dogs. I'm an introvert and I like to spend all my time indoors, like a cat. I like going into people's minds and twisting them around (just like the Joker) so you see I'm dark...yeah...I also watch a lot of Youtube and I like video games especially ones that have a story to go with them.


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Well, my name is Alexis, Raechelle is my middle name, so that's a fun fact. My nickname is Brave, because everyone always said I looked like Merida from the movie Brave. I cheered for two years, made JV my first time and then Varsity my second time, I came really far from just two years of cheer experience. Other than that, I love to read books, obviously; my favorite genre would be Historical Romance, even though my writing is entirely different from what I read if you guys are familiar with, haha. I am a bit of a game freak, Diablo, Skyrim, Fable, and Sims. I am a freshmen in college and working toward becoming a midwife.
I suppose that's about it for me! smile


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My name is Lalah and im very passionate about writing, its gives me a sence of peace as i spill out my feelings. I like science but i love romatic quarrles even more. I hope someday i publish my books. Im just a girl who wants to give herself a sence of fun and succses.

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Hi everyone,

    My name is Cristina, and I go by Criss Sole (you can look me up on google.)  When I was 25 I was visiting a friend.  I had just gotten out of university and looking or a good job.  It was later on in the evening the the police showed up at her door.  Now keep in mind I have never broken the law in my life.  I have always been a good citizen. So I was not worried.  The police however were not in a good mood.  We were accused of throwing beer bottles at the neighbors downstairs. We didn't even have beer bottles to begin with.  One police officer was taking his job way too seriously and screaming and swearing at us.  My friend asked him calmly to keep his voice down.   She had just put  her son to sleep.  At one point I was becoming overwhelmed with the cursing and accusations.  I asked to step outside on the balcony.  I wanted to get away from the situation and made the biggest mistake of my life.  The angry police officer told me I could go, and followed me right after.  Sometime later my friend recalls he came back in alone, and calmly reported to everyone that I had jumped.  I had been on the 7th floor.  He never explained why he didn't try to stop me.
I went into a coma right away and stopped breathing.  My parents were told I had a 0% chance of ever waking up.  When I did wake up 3 weeks later the memory was still fresh in my mind.  I remembered what had happened on the balcony.  I remembered the officer's face as if I had just seen him. He had punched me 2 times in my left eye and threw me over the railing like it was nothing.  I landed 9 feet away from the apartment facing the apartment.  The list of injuries I acquired was long.  Everything from a broken neck, back, arm, legs, jaw.  You name it.  It was broken.  I had no proof or eye witnesses and was told right away by the Special Investigation Unit of Canada that if I know what is good for me, I will keep my mouth shut.  I am now 31 and spend every day in bed.  All day.  My life ended when I was 25.  I wrote my autobiography in the hopes that I can prevent at least one other person from suffering the same fate.  And if anyone has it in their heart to please help me, it would mean a lot.


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Hello.  My name is Joe Murch.  Hi Joe!  I am addicted to writing (and art), and I have to admit...I have not really been off either for a month.  I often am referred to on creative sites as Snow, the pirate, or the pirate snowman.  I originally obtained the nick name from the picture I just brought back to my profile.  The name was given to me by writer, Ian Dawn, on this site.  Check him out sometime.  I ,ironically use this on two other sites at present, and I have used it on two more.
     I am an artist first.  Occasionally, I like to turn my writing into visual pieces because of this.  This does not always work out for me.  Sometimes, it is liked.  I guess art without controversy isn't good art. 
     I have been featured on the home page for a short story I wrote.  Sadly, I wrote the piece the day before a house fire, and it killed me creatively for close to two years.  After, the fire...I wrote about three pieces only and did little to promote those pieces on here.  The fire destroyed my family for close to three years.  I still have smoke damaged possessions and I find my mind still dwelling to those smoke filled days.  The piece I had featured on the home page I pulled off a few months ago to submit to a short story contest.  The results will be in on the last day of December.  Wish me luck.  I have pulled the other stories I had on this site as well to rework.  Stay tuned!
     I don't always write horror.  I like socially conscious work.  I like to write pieces which make people think, it makes people want to change the world.  I tend to be anti war, though; I am a veteran of the USMC.  I know how damaging the effects of PTSD can be, and I am lucky to never have seen combat, myself.  My father fought in Vietnam.  I witnessed him break my mother's jaw when I was a young child.  I saw his addiction to pain killers; I saw him succumb to the issue of alcoholism.  His life was violent, and he was never the man described before he went to war.  I grew up with a demon who just so happened to be my dad.  I seek a world that does not need war and senseless death.  However, I think radicalism needs to be stopped.
     When I critique work by others, I seek to find the good in their writing.  I have found a ton of amazing talent on this site.  I live to bring exposure to the talent of others.  I am the guy who will post links of your work on stumble upon in one of my lists.  If I like your piece, there is a good chance I have shared  a link to your work.  I intend to start an online magazine to promote the amazing artists, musicians, writers, and dreamers I have found through the years.  I will be looking for peeps to fill these pages when the time comes. 
     Well, enough about me.  The snowman thanks all my friends of the pen and am grateful to my invite to this group.  Rock on!


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hii everyone,
My name is Harshitha, I am a school student, age 15, I am a amateur writer, poet and fashion designer. I have a great interest in writing books, so I thought I would let the world get to know about my writings.


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Hi everyone, I'm Hannah Stone.  I'm 22 and a college student studying English and I am an aspiring writer.  I write mostly about personal experiences, but lately, other girls have been sharing their stories with me so I am writing and posting their stories.  My parents divorced when I was eleven.  My sisters and I live with my Mom and her partner Alicia, but I often (before college) spent weekends at our Lake house with my Dad.  My Dad and I are very, very close.  Oh, and I like girls, not that it matters.  I really enjoy talking with other girls, especially about relationships.  Hannah


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Hello everyone. My name is Stephanie. I'm 33 years old. I have 3 kids,  ages 12, 9 and just turned 1. They are my whole world. Which does mean that I have little to no time to myself! My kids are very active in sports, so we are constantly away from home. I do try to write whenever I get the chance, but chasing after a little toddler everywhere he decides to run keeps me pretty busy. I will do my best to be active here though!


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Hello, my name is Christian Nathanial. I am the older sibling of Raechelle Adams by two minutes, and I am much nerdier than she is. tongue I am into video games, I like to watch movies, and I'm into a lot of other stuff like anime, horror, etc. I'm basically interested in a lot of things. I started getting into writing after fantasizing endlessly about other things. So, there you have it. smile


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Hello, I am relatively new to this site. I began writing stories after I was told I had a talent for writing, and I soon began to enjoy the process and the feeling pride that comes with hard work on a piece. I consider writing an art, and I do it mostly for myself. Some things that I find inspirational for one's aspirations for writing are likening one's art to Jimi Hendrix practicing his guitar until his band-aid laden fingers would bleed, or Making sure you win the fight to the death with the blank wall paper in front of you. Or to imagine the precision of the thousands of little brush strokes that go into a single Van Gogh painting. Just some clever aids in things to strive for when writing that I've heard over the years.
So my writing may seem different, but take it as it is. Its not necessarily meant to entertain, so much as capture something: a state of mind, an emotion. To be what it is. I hope you enjoy.

Besides my writing, I am a twenty something year-old man, and I like the things that most people do. I am a big fan of Hip Hop, although I enjoy many types of other artists as well. I like working out and being active, and sports in general. I'm a big fan of Ghost of the Rain, and I am ecstatic to be apart of her community! I look forward to connecting with people in this House, and to read some great writing!

Check out my work if you get the time, and leave an honest review. Feel free to shoot me reading requests as well! I welcome them.
Happy writing, smile



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My writing name is Vanstromi but you can call me Lee if you want.  Writing poetry is one of my many hobbies and a friend of mine referred me to this website.  So far I have most of the poetry I have written up on my page. I love riding motorcycles (and driving anything fast), riding/training horses, pretty much any video games (Destiny is my newest addiction), and much more!


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Hi, you can see me from the shadows. My name is Corinne or I'm sometimes referred to as Magical Forest or simply Taliyus. I really like gaming, watching movies, animals and I'm interested in the supernatural creatures that live among us. I'm an aspiring writer and animator. I'm working on what could potentially be an upcoming cartoon series. Feel free to send me any reading requests. smile

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Hi! I have been doing volunteer work such as Kids Food Basket to help stop hunger and I go to ARC (Anxiety Resource Center) to help battle anxiety in a group setting. I like to go to church, read novels, (my favorite book is the bible) and run and walk every week. I train for marathons and I'm still working on my first novel Red Entaries. I have a passion for writing and reading, I do it to share the love of the art!

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Greetings all!

My name is Raybird and I have been writing on websites for a number of years. I stopped about 4 years ago and then started back up again.

I must admit that the stories I wrote had one adult element in it. They were not graphic or gross or anything like that. I may throw it in on my upcoming story, A Dark Christmas. Or I may not. I write mostly scyfy and fantasy.

Some things about me. Married for 36 years, two daughters. One in college (yes I'm poor) and one graduated and will go to radiology school. I live in Houston and am in sales, selling to mostly the petrochemical market, which has sucked lately. I am a US veteran, having served as an army officer for four years at Ft Hood. I am a graduate of Texas A&M.
I'm an old fashion kind of guy. I wear a blue Fedora. I like to eat too much.  I love old movies and scary books. My favorite movie is Hitchcock's North By Northwest. And I have had encounters with ghosts. I saw a UFO many years ago. My childhood sucked bad. My wife is a teacher. We had our 36th anniversary last night. Almost divorced her a few days ago but we made up.
I went to military school. My mother and father were both alcoholics. My sister was a bitch for about ten years. But now we get along fine.

I am so boilng mad about what is going on in the world I am ready to fly over and hunt down a terrorist and blow his ass off. I am very concerned about my daughters' future.
My favorite book is The Prey by Robert Arthur Smith.   My favorite TV show is Forensic Files. I love watching football. I have a gay stepbrother.

Let's see. I really can't think of anything else. I am looking forward to reading your works and I hope you enjoy reading mine. I'm not exactly an Alan Dean Foster but I do think some of you may find my stuff entertaining. I am  going to post Captain Cool today in our house.

Happy Holidays to all



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Hello, My Name Is Ocean But I Don't Mind At What I Am Called.
I Love Writing Books And Reading, The Only Reason I Joined Booksie Is Because I Saw A Book From Someone On It. It Inspired Me To Get Out My Phone And Start Writing. I Hope We All Have Great Fun Writing Books


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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hello all , first I would like to thank gostoftherain for inviting me .

I'm Josip , 20 years old from Bosnia & Herzegovina . I study biology and chemistry ( 1st year )  . I like art more than science but , since in life you are determined to be I'm try to find some time to writing and painting .

I was always interested in writing , I love to write songs and poems . Sadly I lost many of them ,because mine laptop went wrong . So mine friend told my about this site , so I joined. For now I don't have nothing on mine portfolio but I hope soon as I find time I will write something . I'm interested in reading , so keep free to ask mine help . And I'm like an emotive guy so I like to write about emotions mostly about the sad ones , also I like to write about love .

I'm also and model in free time and an chess player . But for now mine main interests are about faculty and study . I hope I will have more time at summer .

Favorite books : Blaise Pascal :thoughts  and G.Casanova - biography


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hello i'm zahia daoudi , a young female writer , i read manga , books poems , and i'm an anime fan , sci-fy lover , and mystery kills me , i draw , dance and excellent at my studies , i love romance but don't believe in love , and i know english , arabic , french and i'm learning japanese , yeah and i love busketball , one more thing , i watch series and movies in different languages , any language in fact and i like them be historical , my favorite book series is a song of ice and fire , and clearly i love game of thrones to death , bye bye


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Whelllllp. The name's Megan, and I have been involved with Booksie for almost two years now. (The date is now closing in on me. Woohoo!) I'm a writer in the making; hoping to get my work out there, critiqued, and known. I had been on the "Featured Writing" section of Booksie three times before the update, which means I must be doing something right. xD I'm 20, taken by an amazing guy, and I role play; which helps me with my technique, creativity, and inspires me to write lovely stories, and poetry for you people. c: Other than that, I'm pretty much a laid back kind of gal. Writing is my passion, and Booksie has helped me out a lot to develop more skills, and get to know a few amazing people on this site. Feel free to check out my page, as well. Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a great Holiday, everyone. (: <3


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Hey everyone. I am Aditya from India. I am a school student who likes to write poems and stories. I would love to publish a novel some day. I have started writing a novel inspired by Game of Thrones. Feel free to read my only poem on Booksie on my page. Merry Christmas. May Santa enhance your talents! smile


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Welcome all you new people! Feel free to talk to everyone else on the discussion topic! smile