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Hey, I could use some quick help with something. I'm working on the main character for a short fantasy novel I'm writing and I want to make her stand from other fantasy heroes. I'm not aiming to make her an entirely new type of character, because that would be impossible since every idea has been done before, just some little bits to make her stand out a bit more. Kind of like how Batman stands out in the DC universe for being one of the few superheroes without any powers. Or Tyrion Lannister stands out in Game of Thrones for being one of the most intelligent characters and winning the game through his cunning and not by his physical strength.

Here is the main character I'm writing the story about. Emelia, a young woman who's a humanoid cat creature and a former bounty hunter. She now works for a big organization that specializes in recovering and researching relics that are found all over the world. Emelia is given tasks by her employer to track down and retrieve ancient relics within her home country, and then send them once she finds them. She is also tasked with tracking down people who have betrayed the organization in some way, but that's later in the story. She also lives with her boyfriend, a humanoid wolf creature, who runs a tavern near a town that is mostly occupied by humans. Her goal is to basically earn enough money so that she and her boyfriend can live a stable life, but that can be difficult when other bounty hunters or enemies from her past come knocking at her door.

To her friends and loved ones, she is caring, snarky, and loves to joke around. Often playing card games and drinking with her friends. To her enemies, however, she is a ruthless hunter, often showing no mercy to anyone who threatens her and won't hesitate to kill. She can be rude and arrogant, but only when she is pushed to her limit. She also has zero tolerance for anyone who mocks or hurts other humanoid creatures like herself and has self-esteem issues as she fears that nobody will remember her when she dies.

So these are just some of the characteristics of Emelia. Got any advice that could make her stand out from other fantasy heroes/anti-heroes? Thanks.


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I think she stands out already.


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I honestly do not think you need to alter her at all, she sounds a very interesting character and far more thought out than my main character when i started writing over a year ago. he has been a work in progress as i go.

you sound to have her mostly figured out.
i do however have one question what is the sub goal that chances taking over her main one if shes not careful??

good look with the novel.